Monday, February 27, 2012

Travel Luck

I took last week off from blogging. I even skipped my Tuesday Trivia and Hump Day Humor posts. It started off being because we were at the funeral for John's grandmother and transitioned into a week bloggy vacation because I just didn't want to put more pressure on myself in an already pressure-filled week with having been out for several days.

There was the frantic rush to make travel arrangements, traveling, the  rites and rituals of a funeral for a very special lady, catching up with extended family, getting back into the daily routine and then trying to get the closet painted before it was installed (didn't quite make it).

Before I get too far, we flew Spirit Airlines because the ticket prices were incredibly reasonable given we were buying our tickets three days before the flight. We learned why the prices were so cheap when we got to the airport. They want a fee for just about everything, including to carry on luggage. It was so bad that John and I would joke about the different fees they would charge... one to use the restroom, one to get out of the restroom, one to get your bag back at your destination, one to get off the plane. While the flight itself wasn't bad (other than the less than usual leg space).

Funny story... when John was booking our flight, he made the reservation using my maiden name. I had to laugh, but the poor thing was stressed out. Luckily, I took our marriage license to the airport with me, and we had no trouble getting the agent to change my name on the reservation. And then he wanted $10 to print out our boarding passes. $5 each. (See above regarding fees.)

And when we were picking up our rental car, we learned John's driver's license was expired. Which made us nervous that he would have trouble going through security coming home. Lucky for us, the TSA agent who scrutinized his license either didn't notice or didn't say anything. I am sure if I think about it, makes me feel a little less confident in airport security, but really I'm just damn grateful we didn't have any trouble.

It was definitely not the smoothest trip we've ever taken. But hey. We made it there and back.

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Jennifer McCormick said...

Glad your back! Miss you. Sniff.