Thursday, February 2, 2012

66% success rate is pretty damn good in my opinion

So January has passed. And I only accomplished two of my three goals for the month.

I made a prime rib. And it was good.

I finished my knitting project. A beautiful blue scarf.

Which means I didn't paint the trim or the cabinets in our bathroom.

I wish I had a good reason. But really it's not a project I've been looking forward to as trim is not easy or fun to paint and the cabinets will require sanding before they can be painted. 

But I think I've finally mentally prepped myself enough for the task at hand. So I will be extending the deadline for this particular goal and adding it to my list for February.

February goals
  • Paint the trim and cabinets in the master bathroom
  • Install a new water heater
  • Paint the master closet
  • Install elfa in the master closet

It's a pretty long list for what is the shortest month of the year. But we won't be doing it all ourselves. Which probably means I should probably take those things off the list, but I still wish to get them done so there they stay.

1 comment:

Jennifer McCormick said...

Installing a new water heater? You guys are getting wild and crazy! ;)

Painting trim and cabinets are two of my least favorite things to paint (ceiling is #1, in case you were wondering ;). If I were making a list, I would break those into two months and have it be the only thing ;)