Friday, January 13, 2012

The Reluctant Planner

For the past couple months, my sister and I have had tentative plans to send our husbands golfing while we do something silly and girly... paint pottery.

Due to the Groupon I have to the pottery place expiring in February, we knew we would have to carry out these plans sometime during the winter months. December never worked out due to the busyness of the holidays. So at Christmas we had agreed that we all had several weekends open in January and we'd go the first Saturday the weather was decent. Which is this Saturday.

Somehow it fell to me to work out the details for the two outings. As much I like planning and being in charge (because I do), trying to coordinate the schedules of eight adults for two separate activities was not something I particularly enjoyed this week.

In fact it was driving me nuts.

I guess I can only handle making so many decisions in a week, and I had reached my limit for this week.

Thankfully my brother-in-law confirmed what I was thinking, and thus plans were made and men will be golfing and women painting pottery come Saturday.

Just don't ask me to make another decision for a couple days at least.

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Anonymous said...

your brother-in-law sounds like an AWESOME guy!