Monday, December 5, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere

A couple weeks ago, we noticed a random wet spot on the floor in our bedroom right in front of the door to our bathroom. The ceiling was dry and while we didn't think we spilled anything, we decided we must have not noticed that we spilled some water. When the spot reappeared a few days or so later, again after a rain, we knew it wasn't from a random spill. Given the foundation problems we obviously have and the rain, we were beginning to think there was a crack in the foundation.

It wasn't until another few days later when the spot was wet again but it hadn't rained that we suspected a leak. So John called some plumbers last Thursday to figure out what was happening.

Sure enough, the drain pipe from our bathtub had been leaking.

No idea for how long the water had been going into the walls and under the floors. But the two-by-fours in the wall were soaked.

Before I knew it, they were ripping out the old tub and tile, ripping up the floor in the bathroom and under my desk, and pulling back carpet. Fans were set up in the bathroom, bedroom and hall closets to dry everything out. They're still going. We have to almost yell to hear each other above the noise from the fans.

By the time I got home Thursday evening, the bathroom was completely ripped up and the new tub was installed.

It all happened so fast. But hey, surprise! We're doing a bathroom reno.


Just Plain Tired said...

Well, that's one way to renovate the bathroom. Hopefully you didn't have to go too long without a tub and water though.

Jenn said...

Yah for a bathroom reno! ;) During the holidays! ;) I am excited to see the it finished though.