Friday, December 30, 2011

The Best of a Good Year

I didn't put together a video of pictures for this year. I'd list some excuse such as I was busy volunteering my time at an orphanage or something as equally heart-wrenching to avoid the guilt, but really I was just lazy.

But here are some of my favorite posts from 2011. I somehow lost a bunch of comments so if you feel moved to comment on a post (or several), please do so. I love to read your comments. Plus I need the validation. (Kidding.) (Only a little.)

Lately I haven't really been feeling the blogging. As you can probably tell by my lack of it. But in putting this post together and looking back over what I've written this year, I realized I've written some good shit. So here's hoping the writing comes back in 2012.

I couldn't limit myself to only 10 as I think that is the rule this time of year. But I did group according to topic.

Home Improvement

But the wait has been worth it. Because now my kitchen is so full of sparkles and teh awesome that it brings all the boys to the yard.

I liked to call it poopy brown. Because I found it so gross.

I Turned Old

It was only a matter of time before I was going to be adding the adjective four-eyed in front of the noun nerd as both my parents wear glasses. And I think I read somewhere that this kind of stuff is hereditary. 

The time we spent together is full of big accomplishments, great memories, happy moments (and some sad ones too), much laughter, tears and a few mistakes. 

It's All About the Mochaface

I went to church, Jesus's house, with my ass hanging out. I don't think I need to say this next sentence, but I'm going to anyway: I did not take that sweater off. At. All.

I must have been concentrating really hard on what I was doing because my tongue was sticking out the side of my mouth. And he said to me, "Wow, you have a really long tongue."

In college, I always sat in the front row. And rarely skipped class. Even on Fridays.

For a vaginal sonogram, they stick the probe - that's what the doctor called it, a probe, never mind what kind of images that conjured - up your lady bits and you see grainy pictures of your insides.


You may have noticed I started referring to John as John and not DH anymore. 

His eyes left me spellbound. Dark brown with a glint that told of a playful, mischievous spirit that was also solid and supporting, which I found to be extremely attractive... Did I know that night four years ago that I had met my future?

One Year Married

That intimacy is more than sex. It's opening yourself up in ways that are hard to do because we avoid it with everyone else. But with each other, it creates a deeper, more fulfilling relationship.

While it is sad, and the timing hilarious since this happened just two days before our anniversary, it doesn't mean that we didn't get married. And it doesn't mean we won't stay married. It was just an accident. I can recognize that.


Please excuse me if this is incoherent rubbish. I've been up since 5:30 Thursday morning. That's, well, it's more than, er, screw the maths. It's a fucking long time is what it is.

To strangers in restaurants and the people with the unlucky fate of being in the next hotel room or condo, they're known as that group of loud, obnoxious people who can't stop talking and laughing and throwing people into pools.

I haven't seen her in over six years. I've thought about her. But I can't remember her once showing up in my dreams in the last six years.

Life Questions

It must be some law of the ancients that states as soon as a couple weds, you must start asking about when, if or some combination of when/if they're going to start popping out that great tax deduction also known as kids.

Most of the time it's not a big deal. Because it's just me in my head. But occasionally someone else will ask a harmless question or tease me on the exact subject I'm currently obsessing over and it takes every ounce of will power I have to bite my tongue and not blow up.

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