Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bathroom Part II

Last week on It's All About the Mochaface...

My house was in shambles thanks to a leak in the drain pipe from our bathtub. The leak was fixed but the bathroom was still ripped up, stuff shoved into unused corners of the house, fans constantly going to dry out the walls and floor and John and I had been relegated to the guest bedroom and bathroom.

And this week, nothing has changed. Well, that's not entirely true. The fans are gone as the house is dry.

But the bathroom is still ripped up. Stuff is still shoved into corners. And John and I are still living out of the guest bedroom and bathroom.

Pics from the demo:

The new tub was installed a couple weeks ago.

The hole under my desk cut out to dry the wall between the office and our bathroom.

Today though. Today our bathroom will start getting put back together.

Insurance is covering at least part of the repairs. Can someone explain to me why insurance will cover fixing the damage but will not cover fixing the problem that caused the damage? Still I'm grateful we have it because these repairs would be a lot harder to swallow without it.

Last weekend we went to look at some tile. In what is sure to be record time for me, it took me less than an hour to decide on the tile I wanted in the bathroom. I normally take weeks to make a decision on what color to paint a room. But for some reason, this decision I did not hesitate in making.

I guess the living out of a room that is not ours was motivating enough to spur me to quick decision making.

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