Monday, September 12, 2011


I was sitting on the floor of the living room folding laundry when Cooper whimpered at something in the dining room and ran over to stand in the safety he must think I provide. I never did figure out what it was that freaked him out, but when I followed his gaze, I noticed something that freaked me out.

A crack in our wall going from the window down to the baseboard. A good 18 inches. It was a crack that was definitely not there before.

I immediately called John in to take a look at it with me. We both stared transfixed at this symptom to a much bigger problem.

You may have heard that Texas has had the hottest summer of the entire country. We're also experiencing the worst drought of a 12-month period ever. The heat combined with the dry conditions has led our foundation to shift. And we couldn't water enough to stay on top of it.

Our bathroom door sticks. And the front doors appears to be sticking a bit as well. And now this crack.

I'm still hopeful that when we finally get some rain, it might reverse some of these symptoms.

Of course I realize this is probably just denial, a step before I accept the inevitable several thousand dollar fix it'll take to right our foundation again.

When they talk about how owning a home is hard and can suck, this is what they're talking about. I know that now.


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