Thursday, September 29, 2011

Learning to Unfollow

Social media is a great thing. It has changed the way we communicate, the way we do business, the way we live in such a fundamental way in such a short time, it's hard to remember what life was like before blogging, before Facebook, before Twitter. In some ways simpler and in some ways more difficult.

I am a huge fan of social media, especially Twitter. There are so many funny, smart people to follow and learn from. When I first got started on Twitter, I would follow just about anyone. And now some of those people I follow on Twitter are my friends.

But now I have to be more selective. Because at some point, you follow too many people and you're not interacting with the people you're following, you're not building relationships. When you follow too many people, it becomes more about you than it does meeting new people and learning about them. Yes, I realize that the name of this ole blog here is It's All About the Mochaface, but if all I'm using Twitter for is to push my own agenda, if I'm not taking the time to get to know other people, then I'm just creating more noise to add to the cacophony (Can I get a fist bump for that SAT word? Hells yeah!) that is out there.

Sometime in the last year, I realized I follow a lot of people. So I've been making an effort to trim the fat. To actually unfollow. It was hard at first. But it's gotten easier. My timeline is certainly the better for it.

Like other lessons I've learned from Twitter - not every thought I have is meant to be spoken (or typed) out loud, some things are best left offline, it's okay to not be involved with everything - learning to unfollow is a lesson that can be applied to life off the Internets. It's like learning to say no. Hard at first. But your life is much simpler and less stressful when you do.

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