Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beer Snobs

Last week John and I had a new experience. We went to a beer pairing dinner. Like a wine dinner where they pair a different wine with each course to maximize the flavor of the wine. Only this was with beer.

Ever since we watched Beer Wars a few months go, we've become something of a beer snob household. We stick to craft beers and microbrews as much as possible expanding the list of beers we've tried to include beers that a year ago we probably never would have tried.

So when I came across this beer pairing dinner I immediately signed us up.

Though we found out when we got there that all the beers we'd be trying were IPAs (we're not fans of an IPA, too bitter), we kept an open mind and tried everything. What we learned as a result of the dinner is that an IPA is meant to be consumed with food and that spicy food will reduce the bitterness of the beer.

This is what I love about Life. Trying new things. Because you never know what you're going to learn about life or about yourself.

And I just really love beer.

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