Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Open Letter to My 20s

Dearest 20s,

It's been an incredible 10 years. I wish I could remember how we started out together. But knowing myself from that time it was probably some combination of summer school, a shift waiting tables at Steak & Ale and dinner with family. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But at least I'm making up for the average everyday start with a grand exit that includes incredible birthday shoes and a trip to Chicago with some of my very favorite people.

The time we spent together is full of big accomplishments, great memories, happy moments (and some sad ones too), much laughter, tears and a few mistakes.

In the beginning we became attached to the idea of a higher position within our favorite A&M organization. But when it didn't become ours, our heart broke. From the pieces we bravely started a new path that was scary and exciting. We graduated college and promptly moved on to conquer graduate school in Boston where we found our tribe (another one of my second families).

Moving back to Texas was a hard decision, but the right one. We got our professional life quickly into line with our first high heel job and made the move from Cowtown to Big D, a city in which we didn't know many people.

When we grew tired of the anguish of loneliness that came from all our friends being in different places, we looked at ourself in the mirror and said, "Enough of this shit." We marched right out and took our groove back.

Then came John and our life was touched and changed in a way we had always dreamed of but didn't quite believe was possible for us.

These last few years, we've grown and matured, moving away from young adulthood and into straight up adulthood. And with it increased responsibilities and obligations that 10 years ago would have frozen us in place from the overwhelmingness of it all. At times it still can be a bit much. But thanks to you, I can handle it most of the time with grace and strength I didn't know I had 10 years ago.

Together we made leaps of faith, found ourself and declared who we are. We lost family members, gained family members and found the room in our heart for them all.

Thank you 20s. I don't regret a single second we spent together - not even our mistakes. Because every single moment has taught, strengthened and lead me to this moment... standing on the threshold of my 30s - with tools such as the support of my husband, family, and friends but mostly my inner strength - ready to tackle the next 10 years. And all with a smile on my face. Thanks old friend.

Becky Mochaface

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