Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Shower

When we moved into our house two years ago, I knew that we would be changing the color in our bedroom walls.

I liked to call it poopy brown. Because I found it so gross. It was dark and no matter how many lights we had on it always felt like we couldn't light it up.

It was inevitable that we'd be painting that room. Unfortunately, it was not a small painting projects as in addition to the poopy brown walls, the ceiling and trim was painted a dark tan.

In the process of painting, we had several clues as to what the color was prior to poopy brown... sea foam green. And it appeared that the sea foam green was everywhere... walls, ceiling and trim. I was glad that we didn't have to live with the sea foam green for two years. But I was still really glad to see the poopy brown go.

The ceiling and trim we painted white. The walls we went with Benjamin Moore's Summer Shower. The difference in the color is amazing. The room feels so much lighter. I am loving it.

Unfortunately, I do not have the photobug skillz as it's hard to see the actual color in these pictures. But you at least can see the difference.

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