Thursday, June 9, 2011

Second Families

Many years ago (many many years), there was a group of engineering students. They were a tight group of friends.

The group quickly expanded as each got married and then expanded again not that much later as they began to produce offspring.

They stayed in touch pre-Facebook and Twitter by getting together at first for baby showers and then as the number of kids continued to grow (final count: 16) (I think) for yearly campouts and weekends at the lake.

In recent years the expansion has continued as the kids have gotten married and started to produce their own offspring.

To strangers in restaurants and the people with the unlucky fate of being in the next hotel room or condo, they're known as that group of loud, obnoxious people who can't stop talking and laughing and throwing people into pools.

To us - me and my family - they're known as the Aggies. My parents' oldest friends. The kind of friends you don't lose touch with. The kind of friends who drive halfway across the state for the day to support each other during important life milestones. The kind of friends who become second families.

Our stories and memories are countless. The other parents would never let any of the kids get away with anything. We've traveled all over the state of Texas to hang out with each other. And have even gone out of the state and the country.

Next week is another trip. This time to Playa del Carmen for my friend's wedding. It's going to be awesomeballs.

We call our trips and get togethers Aggie Reunions. When I was little, I thought everyone had an Aggie group and went on Aggie Reunions. I did eventually realize that while not everyone has a group called the Aggies, they do have a group of people whose bond is so strong they would do anything for each other.

And that's only right because everyone needs a second family to help keep them in line.

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