Monday, June 13, 2011

I know it's hard to believe, but I did manage to get some paint on the trim and not just my leg

Our bedroom is officially repainted. SQUEE. I can't not even begin to explain how happy I am to be done with the poopy brown that it was before. The room just feels so much lighter now.

The room is not done. For one, we need to buy a new ceiling fan (yes, we are one of THOSE people. I just get way too hot at night not to have a fan. Even with the a/c cranked down.) and replace our bedroom doors. And the daunting task of finding some furniture pieces that will work better with the bed we already have. Sigh. There's always more, isn't there?

And I know I promised pictures of our newly-painted bedroom. And I will share them. As soon as I take some.
I do have this pic of my leg covered in paint:

Unfortunately, the room wasn't finished until late Saturday afternoon, and I didn't get a free moment to take pictures until early yesterday evening when there's not enough natural light in the bedroom to take pictures that would be worth anything.

It's been a busy weekend. Between the 5+ hours it took us to finish painting the trim in the bedroom (I abhor painting trim btw), going out with some of my favorite people, getting up early yesterday to go sailing with John's family and my first bikram yoga class in about 10 months, I'm just exhausted.

Though it was a good exhaustion, it's a good thing vacation is coming up. I could use the rest.

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