Friday, May 27, 2011

Four Eyes

I'm turning old this summer. A fact I've been brushing off for much of the last five months or so.

But after the other day, I can no longer deny it.

See for yourself:

I got glasses.

John and my brother-in-law Jeremy have been giving me a hard time for the past year for needing to get my eyes checked. Like an eye exam is something you're supposed to do more often than every seven or eight years. Who knew?

It was only a matter of time before I was going to be adding the adjective four-eyed in front of the noun nerd as both my parents wear glasses. And I think I read somewhere that this kind of stuff is hereditary. But I was trying to put it off for as long as I could (hence the seven or eight years since my last eye exam).

Even last week when I finally managed to find the time to visit the optometrist, I asked her if I had to get glasses or if I could do without for a few more years. Her reply: "Yeah, no." No more denial for me.


The good news is that because I'm only slightly near-sighted I don't have to wear them all the time. Just, you know, for seeing in a distance.

I really hate to admit this next part... but I have noticed a difference in how clearly I can see. Shhh. Don't you dare tell anyone.

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