Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fear of the Unknown

I don't do well with uncertainty. I like to know what's coming. Or at the very least have somewhat of an idea what to expect.

After graduate school when I was moving back to Texas because I didn't have my first high-heel job yet and my lease was up, I had zero idea what was around the bend in the road. And it scared the shit out of me. I'm not saying I had a meltdown in a friend's car crying and freaking out over the unknown. I'm also not not saying I did.

A few months ago, I came to the decision that it was time for a change. I started looking for a new job. For those months spent looking, I was stressed out because I didn't know what was going to happen. I didn't know what to expect.

Ever since last week when I accepted a job offer for what is a huge opportunity for me (marketing specialist at a software company), I stopped freaking out and started enjoying this period of change. Granted I'm still nervous about the unknown... what it's like at the new company, my new responsibilities, etc. But mostly, I'm just damn excited.


For some reason, you guys want to see the bush I've been growing. So as requested, here are some pics of my awesomeballs azalea bushes. They're not in bloom, but they are green.

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