Thursday, April 21, 2011


Cell phones are fantastic. Some probably argue against the 24/7 connectivity. Okay. Maybe. But still they make it so easy to get in touch with anyone. And that, my friends, is fantastic.

We've come to rely on them so much that for many people it's made the land-line home phone almost pointless. So much so that people don't have home phone numbers at all anymore.

Like us.

When we bought our house and were setting up all the utilities, cable, etc we wanted and/or needed, getting a home phone was not discussed. Not even once.

So if I need to get a hold of John, pretty much my only option would be his cell phone whether I call or text. Which you would think would be great because I know he has it with him.

Except for one thing.

Office etiquette dictates that you turn your ringer down low or just silence it, especially when working in an open office environment like John does. And he does turn the phone on silent so his office mates don't have to listen to the barking chicken that is his ringtone. (I'm sure they're grateful for this, whether they know it or not.)

If only he would remember to turn it back on when he left. Often I'll need to get a hold of him when he's left work (so I can't call his office number) and is already at home but he doesn't know I'm calling. And since we don't have a home phone, I'm pretty much screwed when the ringer is left on silent.

Like a couple years ago when I got a last minute call from our realtor to go look at some houses, and John was at a happy hour with some co-workers. I probably called him at least 8 times (that's not an exaggeration). Naturally with his ringer on silent, he failed to notice that I was calling him repeatedly for 15 minutes.

I was forced to get creative.

I didn't have the cell phone numbers of any of his co-workers and his office was closed so I couldn't try to get them.

Luckily, I knew where they went. So I was able to look up the phone number for the restaurant and asked them to tell the guy on the patio who wasn't answering his phone to call his girlfriend.

Thank goodness it was a woman who answered the phone. She totally knew my frustration.

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