Monday, April 11, 2011

Oldest Advantage

Yesterday as I was browsing the Internets I stumbled across a story about birth order and love. It didn't say anything that surprised me.

I already knew that being an oldest child I tend to take charge of plans. I didn't need an article to tell me that.

What I find interesting about birth order is that John is also the oldest, and he's not nearly as Type A as I am. In fact he's about as opposite from Type A as you can get. Also known as Type B.

Being the oldest definitely had its advantages growing up.

No hand-me-downs.

Babysitting my younger siblings when our parents weren't home. Which basically means I got to boss around my sister and brother.

Including when my dad listed "pick the sticker weeds in the front yard" on our summer chore list. I would delegate the task to my little sister and brother while I played Freecell on the computer. Something they still to this day don't let me forget.

I don't ever deny it. I was taking full advantage of being the oldest and in charge. So I just shrug and I chalk it up to the Oldest Advantage.

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