Friday, April 22, 2011

Lessons from One Year of Marriage

This Sunday is our one year anniversary. One year since W Day.

It's hard to believe sometimes that it's been a year. And yet here we are.

And as it turns out, being married - even though it's only been a year - has taught me several lessons as well as reminded me of others:
  • To ask for help. John doesn't know when I don't want to tackle a project on my own. I have to speak up.
  • Two are better than one. When we do projects together, it's more fun, and we're done faster.
  • To lean on each other when we need to.
  • To still make time for each other as well as ourselves.
  • To not assume that the other knows how you feel.
  • To say I love you. Often.
  • To laugh. Often.
  • That intimacy is more than sex. It's opening yourself up in ways that are hard to do because we avoid it with everyone else. But with each other, it creates a deeper, more fulfilling relationship.
  • I no longer have to face any problem or challenge on my own. We're one unit. A team.
While I loved the wedding planning and W Day was bliss, being married is the best part of all.

From our honeymoon in Jamaica.

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