Thursday, April 14, 2011

I didn't learn the hoo baby!

Yesterday someone sent me a website called That Can Be My Next Tweet! You put in your user name and based on your existing messages, it creates a future tweet.

It's no secret I loves the Twitter. So I had fun playing with this. The results were hilarious:

"Done and sticky? What's brown and agree to or not even dirty. Lunch first? Downloaded. Wait."

":D Breakfast for you. Woo to that I can't live together, we're going to rub my pants. Don't be right now."

"Does anyone was a little. Where are a minister and the edge... Green toes in Boston bu not even dirty."

":D Book club! @ Central Market Yes you want to my tummy and you try this ballpark is the first Wednesday?"

"4 of you try to Half Broke Horses by Modern English, from So proud of the day."

"I have the first Wednesday of 5 stars to die alone I saw it before. I'll take it Richardson, Tx Where are!"

"Seems like that I mean you can drink juice without vodka? Thanks ladies: Here's hoping I'm wearing the !"

And my personal favorites:

"DH's anniversary present just arrived. SQUEE!! Anyone ever been to rub my phone today. That's four."

"Lower buttocks region. And I'm at it in a pic DH's anniversary present just came up with you?"

I'm at a loss as to why all the rubbing but can't stop laughing.

It's been such fun that I decided to try other people's user names. And then celebrities. Here are some that were so full of the awesome, I can't stop laughing:

"Incidentally, I keep slapping Rich's chest, telling him after 14 eps. I like getting my strippers to fire."

"Wow Daniel Radcliffe just blew the best time in Spring Awakening singing a great day today..."

"Remember what to decide between Gary Busey and Happy birthday to stuff my fans, and I am almost decided!"

"Climbin in yo husband, cuz hes Avada Kedarva-ing everybody up here Charlie Sheen isn't on Drugs these?"

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