Thursday, April 28, 2011

Do You Mean Panty Hose?

Friday while I was enjoying a day off and running some errands, John called me.

Do you have any nylons?

Maybe. You'd have to check my drawer.

Can you pick some up on your way home? Yeah, the sand fell off the shelf.

The sand from our wedding ceremony. The sand we poured to symbolize our two families coming together through our union. To symbolize the two of us becoming one family.

The shelf it had been sitting on slanted too much, and it slid right off. Scaring the crap out of Cooper who was napping in the same room.

When I got home, John nervously watched me for my reaction as I looked at what remained and he explained what happened. Much to his surprise, I just shrugged my shoulders and talked about maybe adding in some of the sand we had leftover since the actual glass container was still intact and contained most of the sand we poured in, albeit shook up.

So when he sighed his relief, I couldn't help but laugh at him a little. He clearly expected a bigger, more emotional reaction from me than just a shrug of the shoulders.

If I had been me from a couple years ago, or even maybe last year, I probably would have cried and lamented over this lost souvenir from our wedding. This lost symbol. But the 2011 Becky Mochaface doesn't find it as something to worry over.

While it is sad, and the timing hilarious since this happened just two days before our anniversary, it doesn't mean that we didn't get married. And it doesn't mean we won't stay married. It was just an accident. I can recognize that.

This, well, it's what we call progress people. Growth. I guess I'm really becoming an adult.

Now how do I make it stop?

The remains of our wedding sand.

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