Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pure Bliss

Last weekend John and I went to a family friend's wedding. It wasn't the first wedding we've been to since our own. It was, however, the first time since our wedding that I was incredibly aware of all that goes into such a life-altering event (the first one after I our own I must have been drunk).

While waiting for dinner to start, I actually pondered (no, really, I pondered) how long it took the bride to put together her favors and who she had help her. I became curious as to whether it was the bride or the groom who was the big fan of York peppermint patties.

John and I discussed how long the programs took to put together.

And on the bride's face, I saw the reflection of how I felt on my wedding day. Like she was on the verge of bursting from happiness. Shiny. Aglow. Pure bliss.

That level of happiness is a beautiful, rare thing. It's a result of some combination of relief to be done with such a huge event, unbridled joy at marrying the love of your life, the love and support from family and friends who took the time to witness and celebrate this huge life step with you.

Thus begins a new baby family.

At least that's how it was for me. And what I saw in her face.

When a bride's face looks like that, well, that is why I love weddings.

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