Thursday, February 3, 2011

Month 5 Day 3

One of my favorite memories of my grandmother is how when I visited her from college, she would always make my favorite lunch... homemade corn dogs and apple pie.

Even now I can remember the taste of those corn dogs. The crunch of the thin cornmeal breading. How hot they would be but I just couldn't wait to eat one so I'd always burn my mouth. How she'd wrap them in paper towels. The sharp taste of the mustard I'd dip them in.

When she died almost six years ago now, I inherited her apple pie pan. It's not an expensive dish. Or even a very nice one. But it held great sentimental value for me.

So I was devastated when in a moment of complete inattention, I placed a just baked pie (in that dish) on a hot burner on the stove. (I had thought I had turned on a different burner. Oops.) The dish cracked and could no longer be used for making pies.

My mom, being the sneaky person she is, stole it from my house a little more than a year ago and had it framed along with my grandmother's apple pie recipe and gave it to me as a wedding shower present.

I was most anxious to get our kitchen finished specifically so I could hang it. I love having it in a place where I can see it every day and remember her.

The picture in the frame is a four-generational picture of me as a newborn, my mother, my grandmother and my great-grandmother.

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