Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Women

I neglected to mention Monday (mostly because this? Well, this deserves it's own post.) that in addition to Bronte the iPhone, I also got this for Christmas:

Her name is Venus. The fertility goddess.

I should probably back up.

It all started 27-ish years ago. My parents were trying to conceive their second child (my sister) (now let's move quickly past that thought). So my grandparents on a trip to Hawaii bought a fertility goddess to help in their efforts. Well, apparently she was such a powerful goddess that my mom was pregnant before they even got home.

At some point my mom decided to pass her on to the next female family member who got married. And thus a family tradition was born (pun intended).

The goddess was passed from woman to woman over the years. Usually when someone just got married. It's funnier that way.

Fast forward to 2008. My cousin, who had the goddess at the time, lost much of her house - including the goddess - to Hurricane Ike. So when she got remarried later that year, my aunt bought a new goddess... Venus.

Venus is apparently as good as her predecessor. Because even before Venus was given to her, my cousin was pregnant. Since she worked so well for my cousin, my sister received Venus when she got married last year.

And now that my sister no longer has a need for Venus:

My niece

She passed Venus to me as the newest, newly-married female of our family.

Only we don't have a need for her just yet. And DH and I are a little nervous at her potency.

So I stuck Venus in the freezer. For now.

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