Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just One of Santa's Elves But the One Who Makes Cards and Not Toys

I took a crazy pill this year. Because I decided it would be awesome to make our Christmas cards rather than by a box of cards from a store.

I know. I was smoking the pipe of crack or something. Because who in their right mind would decide to make 70 cards by hand during the busiest time of year? Well. Me. Because I'm insane. And since the wedding, I have had such a pull within me to do something creative. So, while I knew this project was crazy and taking on a lot, I had to do it.

Turns out, my design was simple to make. Because I designed it that way. Heh. But it did take a while. Still totally worth it though.

Here's our Christmas card:

- Heat tool
- Stamps
- watermark inkpad
- Embossing powder
- Size A6 flat card
- Size A7 flat card
- Size A7 envelope

Supplies not pictured:
- Envelope liner paper (I used sparkly silver, because it's not Christmas unless there's some glitter.)
- Cover sheet for stamping and cutting out.
- Scissors, foam squares, tape runner, envelope liner template
- Pictures

First, you take your image stamp (I used the light bulb), ink it with the watermark inkpad and stamp your sheet. Pour some embossing powder over the stamped image and shake off the excess.

Heat the powder up with the heat tool until the powder and ink melt and react to the heat to create the finished raised image. You'll be able to tell when it's done. Continue until you have the amount of images in as many colors as you need.

Repeat with the holiday sentiment of your choice. Cut out your sentiments and images.

Second, using the tape runner, tape your picture onto the A6 card.

Then tape the A6 card on top of the A7 card.

Using the foam squares, attach your sentiment and images onto the finished A7 card.

For the envelope:

The stamping, embossing powder and heat tool is the same process as for the images on the card. My favorite place to stamp on the envelope is on the back flap.

To create the envelope lining, use a template to trace an A7 sized liner. Cut out. Insert into the envelope and fold the flap to create a crease in the liner. Then run the tape along the top of the liner and tape it to the flap of the envelope.

Ta da! You're done.

(All supplies from Paper Source, who did not ask me to write this blog, though if they want to pay me - in money or in paper - I would gladly accept it. Wait. I think I did this backwards. Suck.)

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