Monday, November 29, 2010

Where's the Fork?

Because my friends, you need to stick that fork in me. WE ARE DONE. WITH THE CABINETS.

Oh sweet grilled cheebus, I'm sorry I ever doubted that we would actually finish. Because this? This is glorious. To be done with the almost four month long project. Obviously.

We came home Saturday from Thanksgiving at my parents' (which was tre awesome by the way). DH asked what I wanted to do. I had one word: CABINETS.

Determined I was. To finish. And be done.

Without further waxing on about the gloriousness of done-ness, here are your before pictures:

Bleh. Clearly in need of an update. And now for the GRAND REVEAL that has been MONTHS coming...

Sweet sigh of relief. It actually looks good. If I do say so myself.

The solution I went with in the Hunt for Cabinet Hardware was a pull that had a foot past the hole that covers up the old hole. And the only way to tell is to open a cabinet door. But screw what's on the inside. It's how pretty the outside is that counts my friends [for cabinets]. And they are damn pretty.

Now we just need to settle on a paint color. Paint. Change a light fixture and add some kind of curtains. Then I can say with reasonable certainty (though I am allowed to change my mind later, I am a woman after all, it's my prerogative dammit) that Project Update Kitchen will be finished.

Oh glorious Tunnel Ending Light, thou art glowing bright.

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