Friday, November 5, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Last weekend DH and I went on our annual trip with my graduate school friends. We stayed in a cabin in the incredibly kitschy town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. As always the trip was full of food, alcohol, laughter, good friends and good memories.

The view from our cabin's porch.

Ever since we got Cooper, there will be moments when I'm watching DH interact with him that I get a clear glimpse of the kind of father he'll be. Well, if those moments were clear glimpses, this weekend was a full-length trailer. One of my friends has a two-year-old daughter.

And this was a regular sight throughout the weekend:

If my uterus' alarm was going off before, then it was a confirmed siren this weekend seeing DH being all adorable like that.

I've known since I was young that I wanted kids someday. But it wasn't until the last couple years - since DH and I had been dating for a while - that urge, that motherly urge that many women can relate to, that urge that is so often called our biological clocks, became louder and harder to ignore.

After this weekend, I really had to mash on that snooze button. But I finally managed it.

Of course my friends teased us the whole weekend about the practice we were getting in. Because naturally, I couldn't help but play with her as well. But then practice makes perfect, right?

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