Friday, October 8, 2010

You are Here: Saint Mary Visitor Center

For some number of years now that is not really all that important to today's post, I've read Anna Pickard's funny, sometimes random occasionally rambling but always entertaining missives over at

She recently went on what is surely a brilliant idea of a project that she cleverly dreamed up to take care of business, pleasure and travel writing in one train journey around much of the United States. She calls it The Snailr Project.

Only instead of tracking her experiences, stories, hilarious train-specific thoughts on her blog, she shared these humorous itsy bitsy bits of her adventures on postcards sent to anyone who asked for one.

Well, naturally, as soon as I read about the project, I immediately sent her a Me! Ooo, ooo, me! Please send one to me! email. And finally, a couple weeks ago (sorry, Anna, I can't remember the exact date. Job-related distractions), my postcard was waiting patiently for me in the mailbox to share a small moment in time with me:

It says
This was as close as we got to the 'going-to-the-sun road.' A 3D map of where it should, in theory, run (along the side of that lake and beyond) - but isn't, today, because it's mid-September, we've just had the first snow of the year, and the road is closed for reasons of safety. Reasons of reasonableness stop the man at the park gate from charging us the whole day pass price for just getting the ten yards into the park to look at what we're missing in the visitor centre. So we go in, for free, and look at the road less traveled (by us) (today).

Thanks Anna. For my little piece of a quite brilliant brainchild.

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