Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh the Places We Go

Travel. It's on many people's bucket lists. Or at the very least the pre-cradle lists.

I never thought I did a lot of it until someone in my office commented on how much DH and I travel.

Travel, to me, seems like it's done with a purpose. You see a new place or places. To learn about new cultures and ways of life. To broaden the horizons.

The majority of the travel we do is to see people and not a specific place. So I guess that's why it doesn't feel like traveling to me.

In the last couple years, the travel to see places and the travel to see people:

- Chicago/Joliet, Illinois
- Washington, D.C.
- Jamaica
- Destin, Florida
- Boston
- Portland, Oregon

Then there's the places I'm dying to go. The list never seems to get shorter.

- Napa Valley
- Seattle
- Montreal
- Niagra Falls
- Charleston
- Wyoming/Montana
- Machu Picchu
- Italy (Florence, Venice, Milan)
- Greece
- Spain (Barcelona, Madrid)
- Germany
- Australia

I could go on and on and on.

There's so much to see. And unfortunately I don't have all the resources in the world. I do hope to get to most of this list and others. Some of it just may be pre-cradle while others are post-empty nest. It's just going to be hard deciding which one first.

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