Monday, October 18, 2010

The Long Goodbye

Friday night DH and I went to the horse races at Lone Star Park. I got into betting on the horses and was actually up $25. And like any gambling junkie I couldn't help having one more shot at a big win. So I went to the machine in our suite to cash in my credit voucher and make my next bet. I should mention at this point that it was open bar. And it's entirely possible that I had several drinks by this point and wasn't quite sure what I was doing.

So I somehow made a $30 bet that I didn't win. But I managed to stop the spiral after the next bet (that I also lost but thankfully that one wasn't $30 too). Or I guess it was more DH dragging me home so we could get up at an ungodly hour for a Saturday to drive the three hours to College Station to watch our Aggies get pummeled. Again.

As we started out, DH expressed his skepticism that my car wouldn't be able to make the trip without some sort of break down as it's getting a little grey around the bumper and practically needs a cane to drive across town. I told him Dionne the Neon hadn't let me down yet and that we'd be fine.

Sure she's getting a bit of arthritis especially in the clutch. But Dionne and I have been through a lot together. For many years it was me, Dionne, some music and the open road.

Now that she's getting on in years, DH and I have had many conversations on adding a new-ish car to the family. Replacing Dionne. I'll miss her. The way I know just how much to push on the break or how fast she can take a turn. But it's time. To learn new quirks.

I just hope she doesn't hold it against me in our final time together as I'm not entirely sure how long until we bring a new-ish car home.

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