Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Slutty Rainbow Brite

I wish I could be more creative with my costume. But with various projects I'm working on, I have no creative juice left in this body to pull a costume together out of crafty box and/or closet. So I took the easy way out and earlier this week went into one of those temporary Halloween stores browsing for a costume.

There was much to choose from. Witches, nurses, princesses. And more specific characters like Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, Little Red Riding Hood. The majority of which had their skirts up at vagina level.

When did the costumes become so, well, short? I get the wanting to be sexy thing. I mean, hell, I went as a prostitute my senior year in high school. But why is it so effin hard to find a costume that's not some generic witch or medieval princess and also doesn't have a skirt that would be up at my vagina?

I was liking the idea of reaching back into my youth by being Rainbow Brite. But not in that skirt. No way. Not happening.

Of course, I came home grumbling angry words about it to DH. Who gave me the Look and told me I should get one. For the bedroom.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Striving for Serenity

I like to think of myself as a positive person. Yes I can be cynical with the best of them (or at the very least the cynical second string). But I'm also not Miss Perky All the Time. Sweet grilled cheebus knows I can get in a mood, and it's best to watch out when I start getting a little yell-y because things start a-flying after that.

I'm of the belief that attitude is everything. A bad attitude can break a day as much as a good attitude can totally make it. (Call me weird, call me crazy, just don't call me late to dinner.) For sure sometimes a bad day is just a bad day and not necessarily grown from the decaying roots of a bad attitude. I get all kinds of stabby on those days. But more often than not we have the power within us to turn a bad day into, well, if not a good one at least one that doesn't leave us with a vein bursting from our foreheads. And that power is all kinds of connected - in the head bone is connected to the neck bone kind of way - to our attitudes.

Weekends are glorious two-day islands in what can be a monotonous dream - sometimes demented nightmare - of work. I relish in the days off to do whatever my nerdy, Mochaface heart desires. But I don't want to live only for the weekends. There are five more days in the week to be enjoyed and lived.

In general, for me Fridays do tend to be a bit happier than Mondays. So I understand the gratefulness for Fridays and the mean eyes at Mondays. What I don't understand is the weekly whining about it. Monday comes around once a week. Every week. That's never going to change. If I hate on every Monday, that bad attitude is going to affect somewhere around 4,160 days of my life. No thank you.

The whining does nothing except encourage more complaining and whining. It's a relentless cycle that builds on itself. One I try to not get sucked into. Serenity is my goal. Every day of the week. I don't always achieve it. But I strive for it as much as I can.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hump Day Humor: Bruce Willis Between Two Ferns

From Cary.

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia; Music

How many songs did the Beatles have on Billboard's list of the five top pop singles in April 1964?

All five - a feat that's not expected to be broken, according to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The records, one through five, were "Can't Buy Me Love," "Twist and Shout," "She Loves You," "I Want to Hold Your Hand," and "Please Please Me."

No winner this week. Come back next week for a new question.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Trivia: Music

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer - or best guess - and come back tomorrow to see if you were right. Happy guessing!


How many songs did the Beatles have on Billboard's list of the five top pop singles in April 1964?

Monday, October 25, 2010


I open the bedroom door quietly and tiptoe over to the bed careful to avoid any debris left on the floor. I peel back the covers and quickly slip in between the sheets. Curling up to his warmth, I snuggle my nose into his neck and slip my cold feet in between his. I've been up for two hours already, but every day I crawl back into bed for a precious few minutes.

These minutes? These minutes are the beginning of my day. Not my morning run. Not my shower, Not my cup of coffee or my breakfast. None of these start the day.
But those precious minutes every morning snuggled next to him are essential. They're for us. And only us.

In these minutes I dream of us. As we are. As we will be. I dream of our future and remember our past.
I dream of our children. Will they have dark hair and eyes? Or by some stroke of genetics will they have blonde hair and blue eyes? I dream of trips and vacations. Of the memories we'll create. The laughter we'll share. The tears. The secret language of our marriage we'll create over the years.

I wonder how long we'll continue to have these minutes of us before our routine becomes interrupted by life getting in the way, as it usually does.
Then I remember that it doesn't matter how long we'll snuggle in the mornings. What matters is that we have it now. And before I get up to get dressed, I give him a hug and think My husband. No two words have given me such happiness as those two have. Six months in, I still get a thrill just thinking them.

Friday, October 22, 2010


It's not a constant haunting. I'm going along with Life minding my own business, enjoying whatever it is I'm into at the moment. They pop up out of nowhere and remind me, and I cringe at their memories.

My mistakes haunt me. Big ones. Small ones. Mistakes from way back. And some from in the not so distant past. Every time I start to think I've put them behind me, I'm reminded and haunted by the memory that at some point I messed up.

Then they disappear again and fool me into thinking they're gone. Because I can never seem to grab onto them and rip off their masks to reveal the gardener or caretaker behind the haunting ala Scooby-Doo.

I'm human, and humans make mistakes. But I have this thing where I don't like to be weak. I used to say that my biggest fear in life was that I would be mediocre. I don't want to be mediocre.

The further I get from the mistakes, the less often they surprise me with their ghostly sounds and rattling chains. But I wonder if I'll ever be able to think of them without inwardly cringing at my own stupidity.

I guess they have a purpose. They remind me not to make the same mistake again. They keep me humble. But I still wish I could forget them completely.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hump Day Humor: My Mom's on Facebook

(hat tip Cary)

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Anatomy

What is the only muscle in the human body that is connected at just one end?

The tongue.

Congratulations to Becky (No, not me doofus. Another Becky) for being the first to get the correct answer!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Trivia: Anatomy

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer - or best guess - and come back tomorrow to see if you were right. Happy guessing!


What is the only muscle in the human body that is connected at just one end?

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Long Goodbye

Friday night DH and I went to the horse races at Lone Star Park. I got into betting on the horses and was actually up $25. And like any gambling junkie I couldn't help having one more shot at a big win. So I went to the machine in our suite to cash in my credit voucher and make my next bet. I should mention at this point that it was open bar. And it's entirely possible that I had several drinks by this point and wasn't quite sure what I was doing.

So I somehow made a $30 bet that I didn't win. But I managed to stop the spiral after the next bet (that I also lost but thankfully that one wasn't $30 too). Or I guess it was more DH dragging me home so we could get up at an ungodly hour for a Saturday to drive the three hours to College Station to watch our Aggies get pummeled. Again.

As we started out, DH expressed his skepticism that my car wouldn't be able to make the trip without some sort of break down as it's getting a little grey around the bumper and practically needs a cane to drive across town. I told him Dionne the Neon hadn't let me down yet and that we'd be fine.

Sure she's getting a bit of arthritis especially in the clutch. But Dionne and I have been through a lot together. For many years it was me, Dionne, some music and the open road.

Now that she's getting on in years, DH and I have had many conversations on adding a new-ish car to the family. Replacing Dionne. I'll miss her. The way I know just how much to push on the break or how fast she can take a turn. But it's time. To learn new quirks.

I just hope she doesn't hold it against me in our final time together as I'm not entirely sure how long until we bring a new-ish car home.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Missing: Fall

I miss fall. The colors. The smells. The tastes.

Just about every state north of Texas would laugh at what we call fall. Sure the temperatures are much cooler than what they were a month ago.

But the air lacks a certain crispness. A certain smell of apples and spice.

Not that I'm not grateful for the cooler temperatures. I am. Especially after the Hotter than Hell that was August.

But Texas fall just feels like a farce, a slightly cooler summer.

Being a native Texan, I always thought it was a true fall. Until I lived in Boston.

I love Texas, but I miss fall.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh the Places We Go

Travel. It's on many people's bucket lists. Or at the very least the pre-cradle lists.

I never thought I did a lot of it until someone in my office commented on how much DH and I travel.

Travel, to me, seems like it's done with a purpose. You see a new place or places. To learn about new cultures and ways of life. To broaden the horizons.

The majority of the travel we do is to see people and not a specific place. So I guess that's why it doesn't feel like traveling to me.

In the last couple years, the travel to see places and the travel to see people:

- Chicago/Joliet, Illinois
- Washington, D.C.
- Jamaica
- Destin, Florida
- Boston
- Portland, Oregon

Then there's the places I'm dying to go. The list never seems to get shorter.

- Napa Valley
- Seattle
- Montreal
- Niagra Falls
- Charleston
- Wyoming/Montana
- Machu Picchu
- Italy (Florence, Venice, Milan)
- Greece
- Spain (Barcelona, Madrid)
- Germany
- Australia

I could go on and on and on.

There's so much to see. And unfortunately I don't have all the resources in the world. I do hope to get to most of this list and others. Some of it just may be pre-cradle while others are post-empty nest. It's just going to be hard deciding which one first.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hump Day Humor: Smell Like a Monster

Sesame Street's version of the Old Spice man your man could smell like.

(hat tip DH)

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Definitions

Misprision is a crime that could land someone in prison. What is it?

It's the neglect or failure to prevent or report a crime by someone who is not an accessory to that crime.

No winner this week. Come back next week for a new trivia question.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Trivia: Definitions

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer - or best guess - and come back tomorrow to see if you were right. Happy guessing!


Misprision is a crime that could land someone in prison. What is it?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Back to the Splash

Progress. Ladies and gentlemen, we have progress. Progress that is on Project Update Kitchen.

We are finally past the stripping and sanding stage (mostly) of refinishing the cabinets.

This weekend, we started staining half the doors.

I love this stage. Because is not nearly as strenuous. And it doesn't take as long to reach a stopping point at each step. And what's not to love about that? Nothing. I tell you. We like easy. Well, who doesn't?

Unfortunately, it will still take a while as we have to wait 24 hours between each coat of stain and then each coat of varnish. But I'm hopeful for a lot more progress at a much quicker rate. Some call it naivete, I prefer optimism.

I stood in the store staring at the stain samples for a good five minutes agonizing over which stain to choose. I am not doing this again so it has to be right the first time. Finally though, one of the employees took pity on me and confirmed my choice as a good one. And so far, I really like it, which is a good sign.

And and AND (Oh, yes, there is more. You know you love it.)

Our backsplash was installed. Granted it's more progress that we didn't actually do anything for but write a check (or more accurately swipe a debit card), but it's progress nonetheless.

New backsplash.

I'm lovin it.

With every step our kitchen looks more awesome. And I love it that much more.


In addition to wearing my Home Improvement hard hat, I donned my Betty Crocker apron and got my bake on.

There was a recipe in the fall baking magazine I picked up a few weeks ago for toffee mocha cupcakes that I've been dying to try.

Toffee mocha cupcakes.

They are effin' delicious.

Friday, October 8, 2010

You are Here: Saint Mary Visitor Center

For some number of years now that is not really all that important to today's post, I've read Anna Pickard's funny, sometimes random occasionally rambling but always entertaining missives over at

She recently went on what is surely a brilliant idea of a project that she cleverly dreamed up to take care of business, pleasure and travel writing in one train journey around much of the United States. She calls it The Snailr Project.

Only instead of tracking her experiences, stories, hilarious train-specific thoughts on her blog, she shared these humorous itsy bitsy bits of her adventures on postcards sent to anyone who asked for one.

Well, naturally, as soon as I read about the project, I immediately sent her a Me! Ooo, ooo, me! Please send one to me! email. And finally, a couple weeks ago (sorry, Anna, I can't remember the exact date. Job-related distractions), my postcard was waiting patiently for me in the mailbox to share a small moment in time with me:

It says
This was as close as we got to the 'going-to-the-sun road.' A 3D map of where it should, in theory, run (along the side of that lake and beyond) - but isn't, today, because it's mid-September, we've just had the first snow of the year, and the road is closed for reasons of safety. Reasons of reasonableness stop the man at the park gate from charging us the whole day pass price for just getting the ten yards into the park to look at what we're missing in the visitor centre. So we go in, for free, and look at the road less traveled (by us) (today).

Thanks Anna. For my little piece of a quite brilliant brainchild.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Book Review: Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

Lonesome Dove is about a group of cowboys - many of them former Texas Rangers - driving cattle from South Texas to Montana - The Promised Cattle Land - and all the drama and story that goes along with that.

I'm not a huge western fan. But I have to say this is an excellent book, western and all. It helps that it's actually about more than just cowboys and the cattle drive. There's the deep bond and friendship of two men, the teenager whose father won't claim him, broken hearts, unrequited love, the chasing of dreams, finding one's place in the world, and death. Lots and lots of death. Death that will surprise you. Death that will make you cry. So it's more, much much more, than just about cowboys and the cattle drive.

McMurtry accomplishes something very difficult that not many writers could pull off... The story is told from multiple perspectives. Where some writers would make the perspective transition chunky and awkward with physical cues to tell you about the upcoming switch, McMurtry writes as if the characters are just passing the storytelling stick around the campfire circle. There is no break in the narrative, no visual cue that tells the reader there will be a change in narrator. Rather the new narrator picks up right where the old one left off. Seamlessly. The benefit to this naturally is that the reader gets a better understanding of the motives of all the characters rather than the skewed version of events of just one. It makes the already rich story (with it's fantastic characters and incredible personalities) that much richer and more enjoyable.

To quote
USA Today's praise (because I couldn't agree more) on the back cover of my copy: "If you read only one western novel in your life, read Lonesome Dove."

Next month - Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

Disclosure: No one paid me in any way, form or fashion to do this review.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hump Day Humor: Missed Connection

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Anatomy

What is the most commonly fractured bone in the human body?

The clavicle - or collar bone - which connects the breastbone (sternum) to the shoulder blade (scapula).

Congratulations to Just Plain Tired for being the first to get the correct answer!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Trivia: Anatomy

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer - or best guess - and come back tomorrow to see if you were right. Happy guessing!


What is the most commonly fractured bone in the human body?

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's October Y'all

A Friday Love List because I spent much of last night first rejoicing at my Aggies playing well for once, lamenting at them falling apart in the third quarter, then screaming my head off as they pulled some amazing plays to tie it up only to be heartbroken when they lost it in the final 2 seconds with a 41-yard field goal by Oklahoma State. I need a little love this morning. Because, obviously.

  1. Coffee.
  2. Pilates.
  3. Halloween decorations.
  4. Fall TV.
  5. My wedding album.
  6. Shabby Apple dresses.
  7. Paper Source.
  8. Texas Rangers being in the playoffs.
  9. The temperatures finally dropping enough to allow me to sleep with the windows open and snuggled underneath the comforter.
  10. The fall baking magazine I bought last weekend. SO many recipes I'm dying to try.