Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yes, it was very windy

DH and I took a couple days off to really extend the long Labor Day weekend so we could visit his grandmother who was not able to travel down for our wedding. It was the first time since our honeymoon that we had actually taken time off. And boy howdy was it needed.

His grandmother lives in Joliet, Illinois. Where the opening scene of Blues Brothers was shot. About 45 minutes southwest of Chicago. We got to spend a couple days in the city in addition to the time on the family compound in a 100-year-old house full of awesome antiques and junk collected by 3 generations.

The view from the bottom of the John Hancock building:

A view from the top of the John Hancock building:

Another view from the top of the John Hancock building:

DH pretending to talk to Bob Hope:

DH and I in front of Buckingham Fountain with downtown Chicago in the background:

The German u-boat (U-505) that the U.S. captured during WWII. Incredible story:

My favorite spot in DH's grandmother's 100-year-old house. The fainting couch. It was the perfect spot for reading:

Plus this spot had the best view:

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