Friday, August 6, 2010

A Birthday Story

Last week was my birthday. I went to work - wearing my tiara and rock star button naturally, because if I have to work on my birthday, I'm going to make it as fun as possible - and then DH and I went out for fondue.

It may have been low key, but I had a lot of fun celebrating it. It did get me thinking though about some higher keys birthdays in my past. And there have been a few. But none quite as exciting as my 18th birthday.

The year my parents threw me a surprise party at my favorite ice cream soda/karaoke shoppe. It was the summer in between high school and college. When the possibilities in life seem almost infinite. And you're on top of the world. At least that's what that summer felt like to me. Infinite. And greater than the great.

Well after the party, four of us (three girlfriends and myself) decided we weren't quite ready to go home yet. And since we were only 18 (actually two were still 17), we couldn't really go out go out. So we did the next best thing.


After a little fun and mayhem in Wally World, we got the bright idea to go skinny dipping (hi Mom!). So we bought some towels and got ourselves over to the nearest lake where we found all the gates shut. Well, a shut gate is not enough to stop four crazy teenagers from doing something that seems silly and fun at the time - though looking back it's probably not the brightest shining moment of our lives. So we parked the car and walked down to the lake.

After some splashing around in the water (here's where it gets a little scary, so imagine some ominous music. Or better yet, turn some on. I'll wait.), we hear a car coming up the road. Which was a surprise given the shut gate that caused us to leave our car behind. We watched it come down the road, turn around and stop. Quick as a dog after dropped bacon, we were out of that lake and getting dressed. As we hurried to the road to get back to the car, we saw two men walking towards us.

Now one of my friends always had a knife with her. Why? Zero clue. But at that moment in time, I didn't question it but was ever so grateful when she pulled it out. Just in case.

We made it to the car knife unused and stopped to capture the memory with a photograph. Again why? We were 17/18 and infinite. The mystery car started up the road again. We squealed and jumped in our car and took off.

Only the night doesn't quite end with that. Because as we pulled back onto the road, we got a flat tire. Terrified that the mystery car was following us, we drove on the flat for a little bit until we could find a nicely lit area (at least we were smart enough for that). Pulled over and thanks to my dad insisting I know how to change a tire (thanks Dad!), we managed to get that tire changed without a single one of us having to call our parents. Now that is a success.

It is a miracle nothing worse happened to us that night. But it definitely will go down as one of my most wild, crazy birthdays in the history of ever.

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