Friday, July 2, 2010

The Verbal Goodbye Dance

You know how you're talking to someone on the phone and when you've finished the conversation and then starts the verbal goodbye dance?

The verbal goodbye dance is those final minutes of a phone conversation when you're thanking them for the call or sending well wishes to mutual friends/acquaintances or promising to talk or see each other soon and the other person is saying the same things at the same time.

I always feel so awkward and embarrassed when I get sucked into the dance. Especially at the good ole jay-oh-bee. Like I should know how to hold a proper phone conversation.

And I do. Until the music starts and I don't know who's supposed to be leading and can't find the beat. Then I'm stepping on toes, even my own, and bumping heads trying to spit out those final sentences of the conversation before the other person hangs up while not sounding like a complete idiot.

It makes me shudder every time. No idea why. But it does.

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