Friday, July 9, 2010

Faking It Til I Make It

I have been scrapping the dregs of the inspiration barrel for blog posts. Like for reals y'all. I got nothing. Did you read that post last week on the verbal goodbye dance? Oh you didn't. Don't bother. No seriously. It's utter crap (not to be confused with udder crap, which I don't even want to know). So this is a mish mash of things I couldn't make into a complete post. Ok, it's still crap but at least it wastes a few more minutes until beer thirty.


After dinner last night, I got a case of the most annoying thing ever... hiccups. It was so bad I started predicting my death by hiccups and contemplated what I could shove down my throat to stop the gawd awful feeling of my stomach trying to jump out of my body because it thinks it would have an easier time of it on the outside.

DH tried to be helpful and asked how I got the hiccups. Well I'm not Bill Nye the Science Guy, I have no idea how one gets the hiccups. And then he asked if I knew what cures the hiccups.

Having an inkling of where he was going with that, I tried to beat him to the punch by saying "Sex." His reply was, "well, okay then" and a wiggle of the eyebrows.


Two of my favorite things right now are the grill pan that can be used on a stove and my Kitchen Aid mixer. Twice this week when I wanted to grill something for dinner, the weather outside wasn't cooperating. That grill pan is the best thing ever because it's like grilling without the mess of the coals or standing in the ridiculous heat to grill something. And you can stay dry when you grill because it's raining outside. DH would probably disagree with me because it doesn't have the same "flavor" but whatevs. Tastes the same to me.

And if I wasn't already married, I would propose to my Kitchen Aid mixer. Hell, I may just adopt bigamy and do it anyway because I seriously lurv it. Like big time. I decided to make s'more pie (recipe) as the dessert for our family bbq on the 4th. From scratch. The entire thing. Including the marshmallow creme. I didn't melt marshmallows or buy marshmallow creme in a jar (though now that I think about it, I may have a jar in the pantry I could have used. Eh, hindsight's 20/20.) I mean it wasn't there before, and little ole me boiled some stuff and then mixed some stuff and poof! Marshmallow creme. All thanks to my Kitchen Aid mixer. (on a side note - he needs a name because Kitchen Aid mixer is horribly long to type and if I'm going to propose, he needs a better one. Hm, will have to think on that.)


And because it's Friday, here's a picture that I took while I was in DC a couple weeks ago, that makes me laugh. Every time.

I can't say exactly why I find this sign so damn hilarious. Except that this house is not actually called "House Where Lincoln Died." It's really the Petersen House. And there is a sign declaring it so. But it's much smaller and harder to find than this one.


Jenn said...

I have been eyeing that pie on sk for ever ... I bet it tasted amazing!

HMS said...

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twononblondes said...

About the lack of post inspiration? It must be going like the 24 hour butt flu. Have you read our posts lately (or lack thereof)? Total crap.
Also, I apparently missed the topic change design after the hiccup story and was greatly intrigued at how your grill pan and Kitchen Aid stand mixer were worked into hiccup curing sex. I have both a grill pan and a KA mixer, and am a fishing widow this weekend... so I thought maybe there were some new ideas out there I could spend some time researching? You never know! Happy Friday and here is hoping the posting muse biatch returns soon!