Monday, June 7, 2010

This is the Best Year

Saturday we went to my cousin's high school graduation. In the valedictorian's speech, she talked about high school being the best years of one's life. For those she was directly speaking to - her fellow graduates - that statement made sense. They're just exiting high school, which has been the best time of their lives - ok well probably not all but most of them anyway - it's natural that they would look back on the most recent years of their lives as the best.

While I sat there listening to her speech, I reflected on how people I knew in high school and college call those years the best of their life. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed both high school and college. I had many great times during those ten years (high school, undergrad and graduate school).

But there is so much I want to do still in life that I have absolutely no intention of living with my eyes only looking behind me. I want and strive to make every year of my life the best one. So yesterday, I took DH to a movie and found some new amazing recipes to try.

Because it doesn't always have to be a big event to make every year the best, even though I'm pretty sure I already have met that goal for this year with the whole getting married thing.


Jen said...

I agree! I feel like I'm living the best years of my life right now - you couldn't pay me to go back to high school! Then again, when you're graduating high school, that's all you've known so of course they're the best years, like you mentioned. Also, CONGRATULATIONS on the nuptials! Your honeymoon looks amazing!

passport in my pocket said...

what a great goal! focusing on the now, enjoying the present, living to make each day better than the previous.

Congrats, as well!!!