Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Love

So after the whole of W Day (Part I and Part II), the man formerly known as DF who is now known as DH and I left on a jet plane for that wondrous paradise full of reggae music and laidback people where there are no problems only situations, the home of Red Stripe, Bob Marley and jerk chicken, the setting of that Disney classic Cool Runnings, also known as Jamaica.

It is a beautiful place with gorgeous flowers...

And waterfalls...

We stayed at Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa, which was amazing.

One of DH's favorite things about the resort was the giant chess board. Every time we walked by it, he had to take a move even if it was clear there wasn't a real game going on and someone had just placed the pieces randomly on the board.

The view from our balcony.

There were several peacocks in the resort that just wandered around. We called the biggest one Captain Peacock and made up stories about him and his harem of female peacocks.

We kept fairly busy sailing the resort's Hobie Cat boats.

Taking a glass bottom boat ride to get a look of the coast line and some of the underwater views since they weren't really letting anyone snorkel. Something to do with currents and undertows and our safety yadda yadda.

We also went ziplining, which was so much fun

But most of the trip was spent sitting on the beach or by the pool


Or napping

We even managed to get in a couples massage and walked the beach often

Our last night we had a candlelit dinner on the beach. The mosquitoes were horrendous. Thank heaven our server was one step ahead of those tiny monsters as she brought us some Off and after that we were the only ones eating on that beach.

The whole trip was pure bliss. I managed to leave my laptop at home and didn't watch the news the whole trip. It was a week of not thinking about anything but reading and whether or not to get another drink, which the answer to that question was always uh, yes please!

I was not ready to come back. And working on this post, I got nostalgic for the reggae music that was always in the background while we read by the pool. I may have downloaded myself some Bob Marley. Don't judge me.


MirandaP said...

On hot days, i roll down the car windows and put on my Bob Marley Legend album and crank it up. It's an instant feeling of happiness! I definitely am planning a trip to Jamaica soon!

Mummy said...

Look how lovely you are together. Sounds like a great trip... now I want to go!

Annah said...

Wow that looks like an amazing vacation. :) You're making me want to flyyyyyyyyyyy