Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Body is Finally Not Sore Anymore After All That Hard Labor

We've finally finished the first step of Project Update Kitchen: tile the floor.

Ok, that's a lie. There's one teeny tiny step left. We have to get a carpet guy in here to retack the edges of the carpet that border the kitchen. We pulled them up to get the tile underneath.

Here's the before picture of the nasty vinyl floor:


The bare concrete floor:

The demolition was by far the hardest part of the whole process. It took the entire first day to pull up at least 1 1/2 layers of vinyl.

In the middle of laying tile:

The finished floor:

Lessons learned from our first major home improvement project:

  • It always takes longer than you expect it to.
  • Accept help that has been offered from someone who has done it before.
  • It always costs more than you expect it to.
  • Be prepared for unexpected surprises.

Lucky for us, our unexpected surprise in the first project wasn't major. When we moved the refrigerator back to the kitchen from the living room and tried to hook up the water hose, we noticed the hose from the wall was leaking. It wasn't something we couldn't fix ourselves with a quick trip to Lowe's. We tried that. So we were forced to call a plumber, which thankfully ended being not super expensive.

DH blamed the frustrated moment on married life. Because as he put it, "If I wasn't married, I would never have redone this floor." Ok that's true.


Jenn said...

*layers* of vinyl?! HA! sounds like my house ;). the finished product is beautiful -- it looks like you guys did a fantastic job!

Michele said...

Great job! I love the look on John's face in the photo!