Thursday, June 10, 2010

Girl Talk Thursday: Favorite Children's Books

Not to be confused with the Girl Talk Thursday post from a couple weeks ago on reading, this week's topic is children's books - then and now.

There are so many. Countless Babysitter Club and Nancy Drew books. Also, a few Bobbsey Twins.

But my favorites impacted me in a more profound way. The top 3:

Charlotte's Web
The book that showed what friendship should be about - the acceptance and support of a friend no matter the differences through the hardships we must endure in life.

Make Way for Ducklings
Of all the children's books, this one really stuck with me. So much so that the first time I visited Boston and I was walking through the Public Garden and came across the swan boats and bronze ducks that are in the park to commemorate the book I immediately recognized them for what they were even though I had long forgotten that the book was set in Boston.

Anne of Green Gables
I should really make room for this book on my top 5 list as I love it so much. Anne is just such a fun character with a wild imagination and a fierce friend. I reread this as often as I can.


Brittany @deep_n_thought said...

Ah, Charlotte's that book ^_^. Never read Make Way for Ducklings, I'll ad it to my list.

Kami said...

I lived for the bobbsey twins! They were awesome. Let's see Bert, Nan, Flossy and who was that last one? Also Make Way for Ducklings is terrific. We took our kids to the Boston Commons recently and showed them where Mr and Mrs Mallard lived...

Becky Mochaface said...

Kami - it was Freddie

Chibi said...

I was *thisclose* to forgetting E.B. White, which I can't believe. I loved Charlotte's Web, but I think I preferred Stuart Little (mostly because I seem to have a "thing" for mini-people, if you look at my list... lol).