Friday, June 11, 2010

The Forgotten States **UPDATED**

Yesterday I was driving home to pick up DH on our way to dinner and was singing along to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' "Mary Jane's Last Dance." After the first verse about a girl who grew up in an Indiana town, I got distracted from the song by thinking about how Indiana is not one of the cool states.

I mean California rocks the casbah with its awesome weather and wine country along with Oregon's own wine country and gorgeous landscape. Then there's states with a cool history that goes back to revolutionary times and such like Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia (and several more). Alaska and Hawaii have the intrigue of being almost exotic places since they're not part of the continuous 48 states. And Texas, well Texas is the shiz.

Most of those states you either love or hate. There is no grey area. But what does Indiana have going for it - aside from the Tom Petty song? ___________ I'm drawing a blank. I'm sure there's something cool about Indiana. I just have no idea what it is. (I once had the pleasure of meeting someone from Indiana. And all I could say in response to him was "Well, that's neat.")

Indiana is one of my forgotten states. You know those two or three states you can never ever remember when you play the name the 50 states game. (Oklahoma would probably be one except for as a Texas neighbor he's like our little cousin who is a little slower than everyone else so we stick up for him by always remembering his name.)

What do you mean there are 50 states? Are you sure there aren't 45? Because I can name all the states and I know I got all of them and I only counted 45. You're sure then? Well, crap. Which ones did I forget?

It's always the same ones. Indiana, Iowa, Wyoming and the Dakotas. (One of my roommates in grad school was from South Dakota, and I still can never remember it.) I'm sorry I always forget about you.

UPDATE: Kentucky! Another state I'm always forgetting. I even forgot that I forget it. Oy.


Jenn said...

It's the dakotas for me too! I've even met a few people from there who can't tell me what's cool about them ;)

MirandaP said...

You know why Oklahoma is so windy? Cause Texas sucks and Kansas blows.