Thursday, May 6, 2010

Miracles Do Happen: How a Control Freak Gave Up Control

Ok, ok. I know you want to hear about the wedding. And I want to tell you about it. Only it doesn't seem right to tell you about it and not show you because let's be honest with each other shall we? You really want to see the pictures.

Well, I don't have the pictures yet. Please don't cry. Ok. Cry if you want. Here's a tissue.

I do have pictures of the honeymoon, but it feels like it would be out of order to talk about the honeymoon before I talk about the wedding. Unless you're just starved for anything that you don't care. Of course, depending on how long it takes to get the wedding pictures, I may be forced to.

Quick side story -

In Jamaica one night at dinner, we had been patiently waiting for our server to come by and take our order. The table of French citizens had finally finished with him so he walked over to us. As I started to order, I noticed one of the French women had come over to our table to talk to the server. Except she wasn't standing a respectful distance back to wait for us to finish giving our order. She stood right next to the table and looked like she wanted to interrupt us. After several WTF? glances back and forth among me, DH and our server where we tried to figure out what the hell to do with her Queen Rudeness, she didn't get the hint from my major death glares and continued to stand there looking at us expectedly. So I conceded and let her drag the server back to her table with my death glares following her all the way. And they say Americans are rude. Hmpf.

Back to your regularly scheduled post -

Some of my bridal party was surprised to see how calm I was the days just prior to the wedding. I had just one word in response to them: Cheryl. Cheryl was my wedding coordinator. She works with my mom and does wedding coordinating on the side so she is incredibly organized, knows the best timing in planning and can keep a wedding on track. She did my sister's wedding last year so I knew she would care as much about my wedding as I did.

The week after we got engaged, I had my first meeting with Cheryl and felt immensely better about the monumental task of wedding planning. We talked about what to focus on first and eventually gave me a schedule of what to do when. During the whole process, I felt mostly stress free and on top of everything - even though I have a full-time job and EVERYONE says wedding planning is a full-time job by itself - because Cheryl kept me focused on the right things at the right time of the process. Sure there were still times during planning that I got really stressed. But I feel like it was considerably less than what may be considered normal. All thanks to Cheryl.

And for W Day, Cheryl was boss. She took over and made sure all the vendors were where they were supposed to be, everything was the way we had planned it and the wedding flowed like it should. I relaxed and enjoyed the day knowing that Cheryl had everything covered.

Here's my advice to anyone thinking about getting married - which with a dollar may only get you a coke - make room in your budget for a coordinator. Even if you only have the money to hire someone for the day of the wedding, it is well worth it to turn over the reins to someone else who can make sure everything flows the way it should so you can just enjoy the ride. Or if you have a family member or friend you trust, that's an option too.

I know it's scary to give up control of something you've worked months on, that you've guarded so carefully. What you've put your heart and soul into. Trust me. I get it. I know. I'm about as Type A control freak as they come. (My mother is nodding her head at that.) But it is so worth it.

I met a bride at the tuxedo store a couple days before the wedding who was getting married the same day we did. She was, well, stressed out would be putting it lightly. She asked if I was stressed out too and when I replied that I really wasn't, she asked why.

I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "Cheryl, my wedding coordinator."

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bellawriter said...

So glad to hear your day went off well. And laughed out loud at the crazy french rude-ees. What froggy bastards, LOL!!