Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LOST S6ep15

On an Island far far away in a time long long ago...
Strange woman shipwrecks on the Island. Mrs. Perky from 10 Things I Hate About You rescues her and mysteriously tells her that she got to the Island by accident just like her. Oh and the woman's pregnant. They speak some language for 2 minutes - Spanish maybe? - before randomly switching to English because the writers must have gotten tired having to write the same line twice.

She goes into labor and delivers a boy. Jacob. Mrs. Perky gets a crazy look in her eye like this was part of her plan. Then another baby comes sliding out the birth canal. Only she doesn't have a name picked out. Mrs. Perky sets the second baby down next to his brother Jacob who it should be noted is in a white blanket and No Name is in a black blanket. Clever those writers are.

The woman requests to see her babies, but Mrs. Perky kills her.

No Name finds a game on a beach and entices Jacob to play even though they know Mrs. Perky won't like it. Mrs. Perky and No Name have a heart to heart on the beach where she reveals she left the game for him and that his brother is not a good liar like he is.

The boys hunt a wild boar when they come across some men. They run back to Mrs. Perky and demand an explanation. She pulls them along blindfolded ranting against the evils and corruptions of man. When No Name asks if they can kill each other she mysteriously responds that she fixed it so that's not possible. She shows them what she's been protecting. What one of them must protect someday. It's light. The warmest light so on and so forth. Apparently every man has some of this light inside them and he wants more. Only he can't have more. She protects it because if it goes out on the Island it means DEATH, DOOM and DESTRUCTION. No Name looks giddy at the possibilities.

Jacob and No Name are playing a game when Strange Woman shows up and beckons No Name to follow her. She takes him to her people, the others that were on her ship with her. And reveals to him that not only did he come from the sea, but that Mrs. Perky is not in fact his mother.

No Name gets Jacob to follow him out of the cave, and he tells Jacob everything. He flips out and starts to beat No Name until Mrs. Perky pulls him off. No Name accuses her of betrayal and even though she promises he will never be able to leave the Island he storms off vowing to prove her wrong.

Jacob asks the truth of Mrs. Perky, and she gives it to him. That she had to kill their mother because she would have taken them back to the other people, and she wanted them to stay good. Sibling rivalry rears its dysfunctional head when Jacob asks Mrs. Perky why she loves No Name more than him. Her reply was that she loves both of them in different ways.

Grown up Jacob still seeks his mother's approval and visits his brother at the other people's camp. Over their favorite childhood game, they debate the badness and goodness of men. No Name believes that though his mother is crazy, she's right. Men are bad. Selfish, corrupt, etc. Jacob sees the good. Then No Name reveals that he's found a way off the Island and shows the Island's special electromagnetic properties to Jacob.

Mrs. Perky visits No Name and he tells her he found a way to get to the light under the Island and blames her for not telling him what to do with it. He swears that he doesn't belong there and promises that yes indeedy he's leaving the Island. After a tearful goodbye hug, she throws him into the rocks and knocks him out.

Mrs. Perky wakes Jacob and tells him it's time. They walk through the jungle at night to get to the Light. Mrs. Perky tells Jacob that he's going to protect it now. In reply to Jacob's question as to what's down there, she calls it life, death, rebirth... the source of the heart of the Island. Going down there would be worse than death according to Mrs. Perky. She says some magic words over a cup of wine and offers it to Jacob who balks at the responsibility of Protector at first saying she wanted it to be No Name. She insists that it is to be him. That it was always him. And that he'll have to find his replacement. He takes a drink, and she declares herself and Jacob the same.

No Name wakes up on the ground and finds his well buried and his village burned and people slaughtered. And after trashing her caves, he kills Mrs. Perky then she thanks him - and maybe calls him Thor? Jacob comes in and in a rage over his dead mother once again beats him then drags him through the jungle and sends him down into the Light. No Name comes out as Smokey.

Jacob finds the body of No Name by the stream. He gives him and Mrs. Perky a burial in the caves where Jack and Kate found them in 2004 and Locke called them Adam and Eve.

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