Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day friends! I hope you're having a relaxing day by the pool, or at the lake, or at a nice barbecue. I having been doing something less fun but way productive this long weekend.

When you're suffering from post-nuptial depression, one of the best things you can do is to find another project you can throw yourself into. At least that's one of the best things I can do.

We decided to make this summer's focus the update of our kitchen. See our kitchen is really outdated. I mean the oven can't even hold a proper cookie sheet because it's so small. The cabinets have been scratched by previous owners' dogs, and the counters are hideous. And then there's the floor. Vinyl. And disgusting.

That was our starting point. The floors. We picked out a tile and Saturday started on this first step of a monster project. We spent Saturday ripping up the whole floor, and our bodies ache from the demolition. Yesterday we laid tile in about half the kitchen and will hopefully - fingers crossed - get the rest of it laid today.

P.S. Since it is Memorial Day, thank you to all those in the military for their selfless service so that I may spend a weekend laying tile in my kitchen.

Friday, May 28, 2010

W Day, Part II with Pictures!!

Picture time my friends! I know you've been waiting. And there are a lot so I hope you're ready. To catch up read W Day, Part I.

All pictures were taken by Dorothy Gautreaux Photography. Dorothy is incredibly awesome. Seriously. I fell in love with her work and was beyond thrilled when I learned that not only were her prices within our budget, but she did not have the ego I had always heard Dallas photographers had. She is the sweetest, nicest person and was so much fun to work with!! For the engagement and bridals shoots as well as the wedding itself. I cannot thank her enough as she really did an amazing job, and I have these gorgeous photos to remember our wedding day.

Before I get to the ceremony and rest of the night, here are some of my favorite details:

The flowers at the altar were not only gorgeous but so incredibly fragrant. You did not have to be standing right next to them to smell their intoxicating fragrance.

The bouquets were a mix of lilies, roses and anemones. They were perfect:

Even the boys had anemone boutonnieres:

The programs, which were designed to be reminiscent of books:

The bride's cake, which was not only gorgeous but so delicious as well. I only got a bite of it at the reception, but they put a big chunk of it in our to go bag so we had wedding cake for breakfast before we left for Jamaica:

The groom's cake in the shape of books. DH picked out the titles:

Our rings:

On half the tables at the reception - these gorgeous flowers in white vases:

On the other half of the tables - a lantern perched on top of books, or love stories to be more precise:

My shoes and pearls - I know this one's a shocker:

And of course - my dress:

So I stepped out to meet my future. And he looked good in a tux. From the moment my dad and I turned the corner to walk down the aisle, I could not take my eyes off of him.

The ceremony we personalized with a scripture and poetry reading as well as the Declaration about how marriage opens your heart. Also, my dad played "Ave Maria" on his guitar accompanied by another guitarist and dolcimerist.

DH struggled to get through his vows without breaking down. I will never forget the tears in his eyes and how his chin quivered. I surprised myself by not crying. Instead I squeezed his hands and looked deep in his eyes to lend him my strength while I committed the look on his face to memory.

The poem my friend Laurel read is by e.e. cummings:

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)
And then, we were married!

Newlywed with the gorgeous background of downtown Fort Worth:

We eventually made our way to the ballroom for the party and but first some more pictures. I love this one:

We had our first dance to "Brighter than Sunshine" by Aqualung:

The night was full of food, laughter, wonderful conversations with family and friends and the typical wedding reception activities, including eating cake:

There were silly little moments throughout the night that really made it special for me, like this one were my dad crashed our sipping champagne:

And of course there was a lot of dancing:

Anytime two Aggies get married, the Aggie War Hymn must be played - I think it's in the school constitution or something. Our wedding was no exception:

And more dancing:

Though it was such a fun, amazing day, it was also long and emotional and it was time to say goodbye:

Like I said... it was a perfect day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Girl Talk Thursday: Reading

Girl Talk Thursday this week: Do you make time to read? What are your favorite novels?

Well, yeah I read. For as long as I can remember, reading has been very important to me. Hell, I even got in trouble in the fourth grade for reading my Babysitter's Club book in my lap rather than do my schoolwork. While other kids got in trouble for talking, I got in trouble for having my nose in a book. Go figure.

Reading tops my list of passions - it's right up there with shoes - so much so that I even made it the theme to our wedding. Lucky for me DH likes to read too.

I read a lot. Probably on average about two books a month. I pretty much have a book with me at all times in case there's some waiting time wherever I am. I've read a lot of great books. And some not so great. One of my favorite quotes about reading comes from The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (great book), "Reading good books ruins you for enjoying bad books."

So freaking true.

I don't have a specific genre I stick to when I read. Though I tend to read more fiction than non-fiction and quite a bit of historical fiction, especially just about anything I can get my hands on related to Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I. I like a lot of what is considered classic literature. And DH has got me into the fantasy genre lately, specifically Robin Hobb.

My favorite reads from the last year:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - scandalized journalist and superhacker work to solve an old disappearance case that takes a turn for the disturbed. Slow start but once I got into it, I couldn't put it down. Read it in three days during our honeymoon.

The Help - civil rights movement in Mississippi told from the perspectives of three different women. I loved it. Read it. Now.

The Devil in the White City - two stories centered around the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893. One being the construction and operations of the fair... which was sometimes really dry. Interesting, but dry. Second being the serial killer who took advantage of the tourists in town to slake his dark desires. Dark and twisty of the dark and twistiness. But really fascinating.

The Hour I First Believed - Wally Lamb is an incredible author. I have loved all of his books, and this one was no exception. The 1999 school shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado are the catalyst of this book as the narrator and his wife work at the school. The shootings are factual while the narrator and the rest of the novel are fictional. It's an incredibly emotional book that shows the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.

My top five favorite books of all time:

1. Pride and Prejudice
2. East of Eden
3. Harry Potter (yes, I am counting the whole series as one book)
4. The Kite Runner
5. The Awakening

I always have the hardest time with the last two, as 4 and 5 usually rotate out with something I've read recently. So it's a top five list, but it's not laminated and is therefore up for revision.

What are you reading?

Stay Tuned

I've got pictures! Hopefully, I will get them posted tomorrow. There are a lot of pictures to go through though so that's a big if I'm not exhausted when I get home tonight. So stay tuned because I will get them posted.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hump Day Humor: Error Report

I really could not stop from laughing... From The Bloggess.

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Money

When it comes to U.S. currency, which state's quarter features George Washington on both sides?

New Jersey's. Heads on the quarter, issued in 1999, is the same as all other state quarters, with Washington shown in profile. On the reverse side, the first president is shown crossing the Delaware River with members of the Colonial army.

Congratulations to LB for being the first to get the correct answer to this week's Tuesday Trivia question!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Trivia: Money

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer - or best guess - and come back tomorrow to see if you were correct. Happy guessing!


When it comes to U.S. currency, which state's quarter features George Washington on both sides?

Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST: Final Thoughts

Last night's LOST finale was so epic, so emotional that I could do no more than provide a simple - albeit long - recap. But now that I've had a day to reflect on all that happened, my opinion about it hasn't changed.

I loved it.

Perfect it was not. I would have loved another epic scene with Desmond and Penny. Or Charlie and Claire. Or a little bit more with Jack and Sawyer reminiscent of their previous conflicts. But I really can't find much to fault the episode.

The scenes with Juliet and Sawyer reuniting and Kate, Claire and Charlie delivering Aaron were so emotional, touching, beautiful that they brought the story full circle and it was fulfilling to see these characters find their peace.

I even managed to like Jack a little bit this episode, which I never would have thought possible. And this Skater by the end of the series was comfortable and even happy to see Kate with Jack and Sawyer with Juliet.

The acting, the writing, even the music just made this episode so great that I haven't been able to shake it a day later.

Sure they left loose threads of the story dangling. Ok, a lot of loose threads. But that didn't bother me. During the six seasons, whenever I would discuss the show with someone who demanded answers, I would shrug and not get nearly as worked up as she did. Because to me it wasn't about answers. Well, it wasn't all about answers.

I was - and still am - way more invested in the characters than I ever was in the mysteries of the Island. For me, the mysteries were a plot device used by the writers to hook us further into the story of the castaways. The mysteries were not the story itself.

And by leaving so many threads of the story loose, the writes have made LOST - like so many other epic, long-lasting pieces of story-telling whether it's film, television or literature - open to interpretation.

Each individual can decide for herself what the story means to her thereby owning her own version of the story. And we can continue the debate. That is how a series transcends time and lasts decades. By allowing the discussion to continue well past the final scene of canon. See also: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc. etc.

Today I have had a LOST hangover. I couldn't sleep last night due to the emotional journey of last night's episode. And what sleep I did get I dreamed of the Island.

In the words of executive producer Damon Lindelof: "Remember. Let go. Move on. I will miss it more than I can ever say."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST S6ep17 and 18

Flash Sideways
Hurley picks up Charlie to play in the concert. Juliet checks in on Sun and her baby. During the ultrasound Jin and Sun get their memories back. It was actually quite touching the sequence of them getting their memories.

Dr. Jack promises to fix Locke. Juliet is David's mom and Jack's ex-wife. SQUEE!

Sayid tries to get answers, but Hurley refuses to tell him. He does however insist that Sayid is a good guy no matter what anyone else says about him. A fight breaks out while Hurley and Sayid wait in the car on which Hurley cryptically comments on. When the man starts to beat a young girl, Sayid jumps out of the car to save her. Her being Shannon. Boone was also there and in on it with Hurley.

Everyone gathers for the concert. Juliet gets called away by the hospital. Claire and David continue in. Charlotte wakes up Charlie and then meets Farraday/Widmore. David and Claire get to their table where Desmond and Kate - to Claire's surprise - is already seated.

Dr. Pierre Chang kicks off the concert introducing Daniel Widmore/Farraday and Drive Shaft. Daniel begins to play and Charlie spots Claire in the audience. They exchange a meaningful look. Then Claire has a contraction and gets up to go to the bathroom and Kate follows.

Eloise sits down next to Desmond who tells her he ignored her advice on leaving them alone and that when they all know they're leaving. She looks at Daniel heartstricken as she asks Desmond if he's taking her son and he says not with him.

Backstage Claire goes into labor and Kate delivers Aaron - hey! Just like in Season 1. Clever those guys. And as Claire pushes, Kate gets her knowledge of her Island life back. Claire gets her knowledge back at the sight of Aaron. Charlie brings her a blanket. When Claire grabs his hand, he gets his knowledge back. Desmond asks if Kate understands. she asks now what.

The nick on Jack's neck is back only we know what it's from. When MIB/UnLocke/Smokey held a knife to his throat. See On the Island.

Locke's surgery goes well. He starts to come out of the anesthesia quicker than is expected. Locke claims to be able to feel his legs. He wiggles his toes and receives his Island knowledge. When he asks Jack if he saw it, Jack doesn't know what he's talking about. Locke invokes a little bit of Jack's Island knowledge only he refuses to remember.

Sawyer meets Jin and Sun and tries to insert his detectiveness to protect them. They smile knowingly at him and joke at the word detective. They walk out with a we'll see you there over their shoulders. Sawyer's confused.

After running into Jack and asking for a tip on where to get food, Sawyer tries to get candy out of the machine only it gets stuck. Juliet gives him a tip to get the candy out by unplugging the machine. They get their respective Island knowledges when their hands touch. Then we get the source of Juliet talking about going dutch on coffee from the premiere. And they promptly make out.

Jack comes late to the concert where he runs into Kate. He seems to remember her. She mentions Oceanic Flight 815, and he looks freaked at the coincidence. She touches his face, and he get flashes of the Island.

Locke gets out of a cab and still in a wheelchair, finds Ben waiting outside the church where everyone is gathering. Ben apologizes to Locke for everything he did to him. Because he was selfish and wanted everything he had. Because Locke was special. Locke forgives Ben. Ben decides to stay and declares that Locke doesn't need the chair any longer. He pops up out of the chair and walks up the stairs.

Hurley comes out and he and Ben have a good moment where they recognize each other from their Island selfs as a great Number 1 and Number 2. Ben again insists that he's staying.

Jack and Kate pull up to the church. She tells him to go around the back and she'll meet him inside. He goes in to find his dad's coffin. When he touches it, he gets his Island knowledge. He opens the coffin to find it empty. And his dad addresses him from behind. Christian tells him that he's dead and confirms that Jack is dead to. Yet they're real. That together, he and the other Losties made this church so that they could find each other. And when they did, they could move on together. Christian goes on to tell him that the time he spent with them during their Island adventure was the most important time of his life. That he couldn't have done it alone. That no one can. He needed all of them, just like they needed him. Father and son hug. All the drama between them forgiven and forgotten.

Jack walks out to the Island Reunion. Everyone couples up: Jack and Kate, Sawyer and Juliet, Hurley and Libby, Charlie and Claire, Desmond and Penny, Sun and Jin, Sayid and Shannon, Bernard and Rose. And as Christian walks out the church doors, a great light fills the room. Everyone looks happy, and they move on.

On the Island
Protector Jack, Kate and Hurley go off to find the Heart of the Island while Sawyer goes off to get Desmond. Only Sawyer finds MIB/UnLocke/Smokey and Ben at the well and no Desmond. He cryptically informs MIB/UnLocke/Smokey that they are no longer candidates before he beats Ben and takes his gun and stalks back off into the jungle to meet back up with Protector Jack, Hurley and Kate.

Rose and Bernard rescued Desmond from the well. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey threatens their lives unless Desmond helps him. Desmond agrees. Ben's still got the other half of the walkie talkie he gave Miles. So he did not turncoat again. He's just waiting for his opportunity. Richard is still alive after the Smokey attack from the last episode.

Protector Jack informs Sawyer that it doesn't matter that Desmond wasn't there. They're all going to the same place and then it will be The End.

Richard starts aging meaning he's no longer immortal. Lapidus somehow survived the blast on the submarine. Miles and Richard pull him into their boat. Lapidus offers to fly them off the Island to keep MIB/UnLocke/Smokey from getting off the Island.

Jack and MIB/UnLocke/Smokey have a face off where Jack informs him that he will kill him when they get to the Heart of the Island. When they get to the Heart, they start to tie Desmond to a tree. Desmond gives Jack his pitch about the Sideways and tries to get him to go with him. Only Jack's not buying. He says that there are no shortcuts. That what happened, happened.

Miles, Lapidus and Richard show up at the plane. They finally reach Ben on the walkie and just as they're explaining to him how they're going to fly the plane off the Island, Claire comes walking out of the jungle shooting at them. Richard asks her to come with them, but she refuses.

Protector Jack and MIB/UnLocke/Smokey lower Desmond down into the Light. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey tries to bring up old memories about the Hatch only Jack dismisses his attempt at light conversation by saying he's not John Locke and that MIB/UnLocke/Smokey is disrespecting his memory by looking like him. Jack comments that Locke was right about almost everything and wishes that he could have told him that. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey says he wasn't.

Down in the Heart, Desmond sees at least two skeletons and a pool that is the source of the Light. He steps into the pool and the Light starts to flicker and make quaking sounds. He grabs the stone in the middle and pulls it to one side. The pool drains and the Light goes out. And then steam erupts from the drain and the earth quakes. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey comments that Jack was wrong and walks out of the cavern. Jack tackles him and starts to beat him. And to MIB/UnLocke/Smokey's dismay, he bleeds. Turns out he was wrong too. He smashes Jack with a rock. After a while he gets up and goes back into the cavern for Desmond but can't find him. He takes off after MIB/UnLocke/Smokey.

In the earth quake, Ben gets trapped by a tree. Sawyer, Kate and Hurley try to move the tree but get knocked around by the earth quake. Miles calls and tells them they're taking off in an hour. Ben informs them that the fastest way over there is in MIB/UnLocke/Smokey's boat.

As MIB/UnLocke/Smokey starts down the ladder to his boat, Jack calls to him. They fight it out in the rain on slippery wet rocks. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey stabs Jack. Kate shoots MIB/UnLocke/Smokey. Jacks kicks him off the cliff. He lies dead sprawled on the cliff below. Back likely broken again.

With MIB/UnLocke/Smokey, Kate declares it over. Only the earth is still quaking. Jack volunteers to go plug up the pool again. He tells the others to get on the boat and get on the plane in case he can't fix it. Ben declares that he's going to stay and go down with the Island if he must. Hurley also says he's staying. Jack insists Kate go back and get Claire on the plane. They kiss almost swallowing each others' faces and declare their love for each other. Then Jack, Hurley and Ben walk off back to the Heart of the Island.

Miles and Richard fix the mechanics in the plane. Scared they're going to miss takeoff, Sawyer and Kate jump off the cliff to get to the boat faster.

Jack, Hurley and Ben arrive at the cavern and Jack insists on going down there alone even though he won't make it. Hurley refuses to let him because he doesn't want Jack to die because he's supposed to protect the Island. But Jack insists that he is protecting the Island. That this is what he was meant to do. That he was meant only to be the Protector long enough to start up the Heart again. That Hurley is meant to be the Protector. Hurley refuses to believe it. But Jack insists and Hurley grudgingly agrees. Ben looks heartbroken. Jack gives Hurley a drink from a bottle and now they're the same.

Jack finds Desmond on the side of the pool who is shocked to realize it didn't work. That he's still on the Island. That Jack was right. Jack jokes "There's always a first time." Jack ties him to the end of the rope so Hurley and Ben can pull him up. Jack insists he goes back to Penny and little Charlie. When Desmond asks what about Jack, he replies "I'll see you in another life brutha."

They get the plane working just as Kate and Sawyer arrive on the beach to find Claire by herself upset and not wanting Aaron to see her crazy. Kate offers to help her and they all run to the plane and make it to final boarding just in time. To everyone's relief, the plane makes it off the Island.

Jack manages to get the plug back in the hole and the water starts to run while the Light starts to pulse again. Ben and Hurley pull up Desmond thinking it's Jack. Hurley is upset over the loss of Jack and his lack of knowing what to do next. Ben comforts him and reminds him that he should do what he does best: help people. Maybe by starting with Desmond and helping him get back to Penny. He theorizes that though Jacob wouldn't let anyone leave the Island, that is not the way Hurley has to do it. Maybe there's another way to run things. Hurley asks for Ben's help, and Ben looks relieved to finally be included and let in on the inner circle.

Jack wakes up in a lagoon and stumbles through the jungle to lie down in the spot he woke up in in the pilot episode. And like in the pilot, Vincent finds him. He watches the Aljira plane fly over him. And then he dies.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hump Day Humor: Connect Four Million

Since this Sunday is the last episode of LOST. Ever. Aw, sads.

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Sports

What U.S. city has three professional sports teams with bird names?

Atlanta, Georgia. Its teams are the Hawks (basketball); the Thrashers (hockey); and the Falcons (football). The thrasher is the state bird.

Congratulations to LB for being the first, and only, to get the correct answer!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LOST S6ep16

In honor of tonight's penultimate episode, the LOST answers serenity prayer:

Damon and Carlton (or your own higher power) grant me the Serenity
to accept the answers that you have written
the courage to develop some answers of my own
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Watching one episode at a time
Enjoying one scene at a time
Accepting character arcs as their pathway to peace
Taking, as all fans have, this wonderful show
as it is, not as I would have it
Trusting that the show will be incredible
if I surrender to its awesomeness
That I may be reasonably happy in this season
and supremely happy with rewatches of the DVDs
forever in the future.



and I'm not going through all of that again.Lots of stuff happened. I had it all typed up only my post didn't save for some strange reason Le sigh.

So. Highlights:

- Jack is now the new Island Protector. Jacob gave Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Jack all the choice for who would do it. And no surprise, Jack accepted.
- Richard is possibly dead when Smokey threw him around. Though I don't know for sure.
- Ben shot Widmore over their old you killed my daughter so I'm going to kill yours fight. But not before Widmore revealed he came back to bring Desmond because he's a failsafe due to his unique resistance to the Island's electromagnetism.
- Ben joins MIB/UnLocke/Smokey. Or at least he seems to. I'm hoping he's just playing along for now because it's better than running. I would really hate to see the redemption he started working towards when he confessed all to Ilana to be for nothing.
- Desmond escaped from the well. How and who helped we don't really know though Claire could be a candidate. And rather than be upset by this missing failsafe, MIB/UnLocke/Smokey is happy because he's going to get Desmond to help him destroy the Island.
- Jacob reveals to Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Jack why he brought them to the Island. Why he chose them: Because they're lonely and flawed. Because they're like him. He took Kate off his candidate list because she became a mother and hence no longer alone.

- Desmond knocks sense into Ben (literally) and he remembers his Island life.
- Ben realizes Alex thinks of him as a father. And a little flirtation goes down between Ben and Rousseau. Creepy.
- Locke is finally willing to let Jack fix him and talks about how destiny (coincidence according to Sideways Jack) continues to bring them together.
- Desmond turns himself in for running over Locke to Sawyer who locks him up with Kate and Sayid. As they're being transported to county jail Ana Lucia frees them for $125,000 from Hurley. Sayid goes with Hurley and Kate goes with Desmond to the benefit concert for the museum where Miles' dad works.

Tuesday Trivia: Sports

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer - or best guess - and come back tomorrow to see if you were correct. Happy guessing!


What U.S. city has three professional sports teams with bird names?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Open Hearts

What no one tells you about when you're planning a wedding is the post-nuptial depression. The UPS man no longer comes to my house. I'm no longer planning the specialest of occasions where just about all the people I care most about in this world will be in one place to celebrate with me my blessing in finding the one person I wanted to share my life with. I am no longer a bride.

And let me tell you, right now I got a bit of the sads.

W Day was hands down the best day of my life thus far, as I feel it should be. My heart was so full that it practically started spilling out of me. I felt like I was going to burst from it. I was overwhelmed by the love and support from family and friends, many of whom had traveled great distances to be there. It was a perfect day full of special moments, laughs, tears, dancing and oh so much fun.

How does one top that? I mean, I know it's possible. Deep down, I do know that. But at the same time, how is it possible to achieve that high, that same feeling of supreme happiness, pure joy and bliss?

I don't know (ok, I have an idea, but that conversation is not happening yet), but I am going to do my damndest.

One thing about getting married is it really makes you think about what it is to be wife. It's a word full of connotations and cultural expectations. It is a word that is as different as every woman that owns it. I had to figure out what it meant to me. Is it letting DH take care of me financially and making big decisions for me? No. I'm too independent and opinionated for that. Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? Hell no. Well, I like to cook. So maybe that part.

To me, being a wife is just adding another level to who I already am as a person. Not giving up who I am. But sharing it. And even opening myself up for more growth. Shelley was the first I knew to really have the best words for how I felt about becoming a wife. So we took what she had found - because DH shared my feelings for what it meant to get married - and included it in our ceremony:

Because you will be safe in marriage, you can risk; because you have been promised a future, you can take extraordinary chances. Because you know you are loved, you can step beyond your fears; because you have been chosen, you can transcend your insecurities. You can make mistakes, knowing the other will be there to catch you. And because mistakes and risks are the very essence of change, in marriage you will expand to your fullest capacity. Within the shelter of marriage, you will continue to grow and develop, so you can discover your individual paths and offer your gifts back to each other and the world. Marriage, then, makes you free - to see, to be seen, to love. Your souls are protected, so your hearts can open.

That is what being a wife is to me. I loved this because it says I am not the stereotype. I love how it says I can catch DH if he falls just as much as he can catch me. I love how it declares you are a pair of individuals, and you don't have to give up that individuality just because you're married because it is the individuality that what you loved about each other from the beginning.

It's been a subtle shift. So subtle that I almost hadn't noticed it. At first I thought married life wasn't too different than our pre-married life (given that we lived together before we got married) other than the new rings we wear on our left hands. But then I noticed how the bond between us feels even more solid, more secure. It's hard to describe. I've got an alliance in this life that will give me immunity and safety when I need it most. My soul is protected, and my heart is open.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Book Review: The White Queen

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

Disclosure: No one paid me in any way, form or fashion to do this review.

It is no secret that I love historical fiction in general and Philippa Gregory and the English monarchy in particular. The Other Boleyn Girl was the first of her novels I read, and I've since given it to many family members and friends to read because I loved it so much. So when I heard Gregory wrote a novel telling one side of the War of Roses and subsequently would be following it up with the other side, I was immediately excited.

While I really enjoyed this book especially learning more about the War of Roses, which was something I knew very little about before, I didn't love it. Elizabeth, the York queen married to Edward, was so ambitious that I had trouble connecting with her as a character. This novel compared to Gregory's others I've read had considerably less sex in it and focused more on the magic and conjuring that was rumored to have been Elizabeth's gift and how she hoodwinked the king into marrying her when his advisors would rather he married a foreign princess.

If you like historical fiction and aren't very knowledgeable about the time period, you'll probably enjoy this book.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

W Day, Part I

I spent so much energy and effort before the wedding trying not to get sick that now that we're on the other side my body is betraying me and now there's an impending cold being preceded by a scratchy throat, phlegmy cough and achy head.

Even though my head is gradually getting murkier, I managed to get to the DPS yesterday to renew my driver's license and change my name. Luckily, it wasn't too painful an experience. So I'm one step further in that process.

I managed to stay sane while I waited by reminiscing about that event a few weeks ago that brought me to stand in that line.

W Day was perfect. And by perfect I don't mean that nothing went wrong. I mean that the day exceeded every. single. expectation I had. That was perfection.

Quick side story...

After I was done taking pre-ceremony pictures, I was ushered into the bridal room while DH took his pre-ceremony pictures. My sister who was out there for those pictures came into the room with the biggest owl eyes like she wasn't sure how I was going to react to the news she had to deliver and asked me if DH was supposed to be (and in this 0.2 second pause my head filled in "Be here? Uh, yeah!") in the white vest. Apparently DH and his dad had gotten their tuxes switched since they share the same name, and his dad was in the white vest and tie. Ok, so this story doesn't transfer well to the interwebs, but it was hilarious, and I will never forget the look on her face.

Back to your regularly scheduled post...

I woke up the morning of W Day - after having several wedding nightmares, thanks to the episode of Friends when Ross says Rachel's name in his wedding to Emily - and had breakfast with my family before we left to go to the salon.

Another quick side story...

After we set the date last summer, I must have put it into the calendar on my phone because an alarm on my phone went off that morning to remind me to get married that evening. I about fell out of my seat laughing at my ridiculous self.

Back to your regularly scheduled post...

We were ahead of schedule after getting our hair did and maked up. My dad drove me back to our hotel to rest for a bit before we had to be at City Club to get ready for the ceremony. I couldn't just sit in the room and watching TV had zero appeal to me, so I did what I always do when I have extra time somewhere and I have to wait: I read my book. It was the best idea because I was able to get my mind off the wedding for a little bit.

Finally it was time to leave so we could get there in time to change before pictures. After a little bit of confusion regarding locked doors and the City Club coordinator not remembering that we were going to be there at 3 not 3:45, we finally got into the room.

Just as I was about to sneak downstairs to peek at the ballroom where the reception would be my brother-in-law announced that DH was there so I had to stay in my room. That's where I stayed until it was time to start the ceremony.

While I stood in the doorway waiting to walk out to meet my dad so he could walk me down the aisle, my heart that had slowly become full during the day swelled to the point of almost bursting. I smiled, took a deep breath and stepped out to meet my future.

To be continued...

P.S. I know. No pictures. I will post them as soon I get them.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hump Day Humor: Drunk v Flip Flop

This guy could compete with this fall-down drunk for title of Drunkiest McDrunkerson to Attempt Simple Tasks.


ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Fast Food

Which is the only U.S. state capital without a McDonald's fast-food restaurant?

Montpelier, Vermont.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LOST S6ep15

On an Island far far away in a time long long ago...
Strange woman shipwrecks on the Island. Mrs. Perky from 10 Things I Hate About You rescues her and mysteriously tells her that she got to the Island by accident just like her. Oh and the woman's pregnant. They speak some language for 2 minutes - Spanish maybe? - before randomly switching to English because the writers must have gotten tired having to write the same line twice.

She goes into labor and delivers a boy. Jacob. Mrs. Perky gets a crazy look in her eye like this was part of her plan. Then another baby comes sliding out the birth canal. Only she doesn't have a name picked out. Mrs. Perky sets the second baby down next to his brother Jacob who it should be noted is in a white blanket and No Name is in a black blanket. Clever those writers are.

The woman requests to see her babies, but Mrs. Perky kills her.

No Name finds a game on a beach and entices Jacob to play even though they know Mrs. Perky won't like it. Mrs. Perky and No Name have a heart to heart on the beach where she reveals she left the game for him and that his brother is not a good liar like he is.

The boys hunt a wild boar when they come across some men. They run back to Mrs. Perky and demand an explanation. She pulls them along blindfolded ranting against the evils and corruptions of man. When No Name asks if they can kill each other she mysteriously responds that she fixed it so that's not possible. She shows them what she's been protecting. What one of them must protect someday. It's light. The warmest light so on and so forth. Apparently every man has some of this light inside them and he wants more. Only he can't have more. She protects it because if it goes out on the Island it means DEATH, DOOM and DESTRUCTION. No Name looks giddy at the possibilities.

Jacob and No Name are playing a game when Strange Woman shows up and beckons No Name to follow her. She takes him to her people, the others that were on her ship with her. And reveals to him that not only did he come from the sea, but that Mrs. Perky is not in fact his mother.

No Name gets Jacob to follow him out of the cave, and he tells Jacob everything. He flips out and starts to beat No Name until Mrs. Perky pulls him off. No Name accuses her of betrayal and even though she promises he will never be able to leave the Island he storms off vowing to prove her wrong.

Jacob asks the truth of Mrs. Perky, and she gives it to him. That she had to kill their mother because she would have taken them back to the other people, and she wanted them to stay good. Sibling rivalry rears its dysfunctional head when Jacob asks Mrs. Perky why she loves No Name more than him. Her reply was that she loves both of them in different ways.

Grown up Jacob still seeks his mother's approval and visits his brother at the other people's camp. Over their favorite childhood game, they debate the badness and goodness of men. No Name believes that though his mother is crazy, she's right. Men are bad. Selfish, corrupt, etc. Jacob sees the good. Then No Name reveals that he's found a way off the Island and shows the Island's special electromagnetic properties to Jacob.

Mrs. Perky visits No Name and he tells her he found a way to get to the light under the Island and blames her for not telling him what to do with it. He swears that he doesn't belong there and promises that yes indeedy he's leaving the Island. After a tearful goodbye hug, she throws him into the rocks and knocks him out.

Mrs. Perky wakes Jacob and tells him it's time. They walk through the jungle at night to get to the Light. Mrs. Perky tells Jacob that he's going to protect it now. In reply to Jacob's question as to what's down there, she calls it life, death, rebirth... the source of the heart of the Island. Going down there would be worse than death according to Mrs. Perky. She says some magic words over a cup of wine and offers it to Jacob who balks at the responsibility of Protector at first saying she wanted it to be No Name. She insists that it is to be him. That it was always him. And that he'll have to find his replacement. He takes a drink, and she declares herself and Jacob the same.

No Name wakes up on the ground and finds his well buried and his village burned and people slaughtered. And after trashing her caves, he kills Mrs. Perky then she thanks him - and maybe calls him Thor? Jacob comes in and in a rage over his dead mother once again beats him then drags him through the jungle and sends him down into the Light. No Name comes out as Smokey.

Jacob finds the body of No Name by the stream. He gives him and Mrs. Perky a burial in the caves where Jack and Kate found them in 2004 and Locke called them Adam and Eve.

Tuesday Trivia: Fast Food

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer, or best guess, and come back tomorrow to see if you were right. Happy guessing!


Which is the only U.S. state capital without a McDonald's fast-food restaurant?

Monday, May 10, 2010


I've got phantom pain from a missing limb.

For nine months my wedding binder was constantly by my side. Organized by tabs it had everything wedding planning related in it. I never went anywhere without it so if I needed a vendor phone number or wanted to double check something it was right at my finger tips.

I had come to depend on the binder and its presence. But now I no longer need it, and my bag is lighter. In a silly little way, I miss it.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Brag

I have to brag on my little sister a bit today. She gave DH and I one of the best wedding gifts ever. Well, actually she made it:

It's a picture quilt. The pictures are actually printed on fabric. On the right side are pictures of DH growing up. The left are me growing up. And the middle are pictures from our engagement shoot.

This was her first quilt to do. Ever.

I think she did an amazing job!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Miracles Do Happen: How a Control Freak Gave Up Control

Ok, ok. I know you want to hear about the wedding. And I want to tell you about it. Only it doesn't seem right to tell you about it and not show you because let's be honest with each other shall we? You really want to see the pictures.

Well, I don't have the pictures yet. Please don't cry. Ok. Cry if you want. Here's a tissue.

I do have pictures of the honeymoon, but it feels like it would be out of order to talk about the honeymoon before I talk about the wedding. Unless you're just starved for anything that you don't care. Of course, depending on how long it takes to get the wedding pictures, I may be forced to.

Quick side story -

In Jamaica one night at dinner, we had been patiently waiting for our server to come by and take our order. The table of French citizens had finally finished with him so he walked over to us. As I started to order, I noticed one of the French women had come over to our table to talk to the server. Except she wasn't standing a respectful distance back to wait for us to finish giving our order. She stood right next to the table and looked like she wanted to interrupt us. After several WTF? glances back and forth among me, DH and our server where we tried to figure out what the hell to do with her Queen Rudeness, she didn't get the hint from my major death glares and continued to stand there looking at us expectedly. So I conceded and let her drag the server back to her table with my death glares following her all the way. And they say Americans are rude. Hmpf.

Back to your regularly scheduled post -

Some of my bridal party was surprised to see how calm I was the days just prior to the wedding. I had just one word in response to them: Cheryl. Cheryl was my wedding coordinator. She works with my mom and does wedding coordinating on the side so she is incredibly organized, knows the best timing in planning and can keep a wedding on track. She did my sister's wedding last year so I knew she would care as much about my wedding as I did.

The week after we got engaged, I had my first meeting with Cheryl and felt immensely better about the monumental task of wedding planning. We talked about what to focus on first and eventually gave me a schedule of what to do when. During the whole process, I felt mostly stress free and on top of everything - even though I have a full-time job and EVERYONE says wedding planning is a full-time job by itself - because Cheryl kept me focused on the right things at the right time of the process. Sure there were still times during planning that I got really stressed. But I feel like it was considerably less than what may be considered normal. All thanks to Cheryl.

And for W Day, Cheryl was boss. She took over and made sure all the vendors were where they were supposed to be, everything was the way we had planned it and the wedding flowed like it should. I relaxed and enjoyed the day knowing that Cheryl had everything covered.

Here's my advice to anyone thinking about getting married - which with a dollar may only get you a coke - make room in your budget for a coordinator. Even if you only have the money to hire someone for the day of the wedding, it is well worth it to turn over the reins to someone else who can make sure everything flows the way it should so you can just enjoy the ride. Or if you have a family member or friend you trust, that's an option too.

I know it's scary to give up control of something you've worked months on, that you've guarded so carefully. What you've put your heart and soul into. Trust me. I get it. I know. I'm about as Type A control freak as they come. (My mother is nodding her head at that.) But it is so worth it.

I met a bride at the tuxedo store a couple days before the wedding who was getting married the same day we did. She was, well, stressed out would be putting it lightly. She asked if I was stressed out too and when I replied that I really wasn't, she asked why.

I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "Cheryl, my wedding coordinator."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hump Day Humor: Googling Star Wars

For this first week back to normal, some geeky humor via Star Wars and Google:
From Cary.

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Basketball

What did basketball great Michael Jordan always wear under his Chicago Bulls uniform for good luck?

His basketball uniform shorts from the University of North Carolina. To cover his college shorts, Jordan started wearing longer, baggier Bulls shorts - inadvertently launching a basketball fashion trend.

Congratulations to Linds for being the first to give the correct answer! Thanks to all who played along with their comments!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LOST S6ep14

Camp MIB/UnLocke/Smokey
Sayid welcomes Jack to Hydra Island and gives him a recap on being attacked by Widmore's camp. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey demands Jack's help to rescue the Losties in the polar bear cages so they can leave the Island. He promises that he can and will kill them all if he doesn't.

Widmore's men try to put Sawyer in the polar bear cage and he refuses in his gorgeous Southern accent to get in those cages again. Widmore reveals that he has a list with Sawyer's, Jin's, Sun's and Hurley's names on it. Where did he get the candidate list? He threatens to kill Kate and quite expectedly Sawyer allows himself to be locked once again in the polar bear cage.

Sawyer reveals that Kate's name was crossed out in the cave and Widmore was speaking the truth when he said that he didn't need her. She looked a bit rattled by that news. Smokey passes through to do his destructive thing. And Hero Jack comes and sets the Losties free.

Jack reaffirms to Kate that he won't be getting on the plane with them. She looks slightly disappointed. Sayid comes in and leads them all in the plane's direction. They show up to find MIB/UnLocke/Smokey is already there and had broken a couple necks already. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey reveals blocks of C4 on the plane that presumably would blow them to bits if they tried to leave in the plane.

So he proposes the submarine instead. And off the trot to steal Widmore's submarine. Only Sawyer has another idea and enlists Jack to help him get rid of MIB/UnLocke/Smokey.

They scamper into the submarine. Jack shoves MIB/UnLocke/Smokey into the water. Kate gets shot. The rest except for Claire who's busy shooting Widmore's men climb into the submarine. Sawyer closes the hatch and orders a dive leaving MIB/UnLocke/Smokey on the dock.

Claire's upset at being left behind. Again. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey wryly reveals that she doesn't want to be on the sub anyway. In an effort to fix Kate, Mr. Fix-It Jack asks for his pack where he discovers the C4 connected to a timer. Clever ploy MIB/UnLocke/Smokey.

Jack insists that they're going to be fine. Sawyer doesn't have quite the same confidence and pulls the wires out of the bomb. Only it quickens the timer. Sayid instructs Jack on where Desmond is and that he has to get him because MIB/UnLocke/Smokey wants him dead. Then Sayid grabs the bomb and runs to the other end of the sub.

They start taking on water fast. Hurley takes Kate out. Jack, Sawyer and Jin try to free Sun who has been trapped by some debris from the blast. They remove one thing to discover she's pinned even further. Jin insists Jack take Sawyer out who is now unconscious from hitting his head.

Jin refuses to leave Sun and they die together in the submarine in a touching scene that if I had cared more about the characters I probably would have cried. But since I've never really liked Sun, I didn't.

Hurley, Kate, Jack and Sawyer crawl out onto the beach. And pause for a moment to grieve for Sun and Jin.

MIB/UnLocke/Smokey can tell that the sub sunk and not all of the died. He storms off to finish the job.

Flash Sideways
Locke wakes up after surgery to find Jack who proclaims him a candidate (nice choice of words) for a new surgery that could restore his ability to walk. Only Locke's not interested in walking again. Interesting as our Locke would have jumped at the chance. Oh, Jack the perpetual fixer, some people don't want to be fixed.

Not to be deterred, Jack goes to Bernard to get a medical file on Locke. They discover that they were on Oceanic 815 together (oooo, the hairs stand up) and Bernard gives Jack the name Anthony Cooper.

Jack goes to visit Anthony Cooper and runs into Helen who pleads with him to leave well enough alone. But Fix-It Jack can't do that. Helen introduces him to Cooper, Locke's daddy. Cooper looks like he's missing a few crayons in his box. Blank stare, slightly drooling. The Sideways accident was clearly a little different than the one we saw.

Jack is back in Locke's room to talk to him presumably about the accident and/or the surgery that is supposed to make him walk again. Locke coming out of a nappy nap starts rambling about a button and wishing Jack had believed him. Jack looks confused and then spots Claire outside asking for him.

As they chat about their father and what he willed to Claire, they realize they were on the same flight back from Sydney and look like they got a big case of deja vu. Jack asks Claire to come stay with him because they're family. Jack finally seems to be getting the concept of family.

Locke is being released from the hospital and Jack goes to say goodbye and try one more time to talk to him. Locke reveals it was a plane crash that caused him to lose his ability to walk. That he had convinced his father - who apparently he had a great relationship with - to be his passenger and he's the reason why his dad is pretty much a vegetable. Jack tells him that he should let go and forgive himself and declares that he can fix him.

Tuesday Trivia: Basketball

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer, or best guess, and come back tomorrow to see if you were right. Happy guessing!


What did basketball great Michael Jordan always wear under his Chicago Bulls uniform for good luck?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Yeah Mon

Well, I'm back. Sigh.

I knew the high of the last two weeks would come to an end eventually.

There are many things to say. And pictures to share. But I haven't quite put them in any sort of order that would make sense to anyone outside my head. So bear with me. I promise I will get to all of it.

In the meantime, if you think of anything specific you would like me to share, well, you know how to leave a comment or write an email.

After having eaten a ton of jerk chicken (delicious by the way) and had as much alochol as I can manage, I now have to try and find my daily routine again. The first day (maybe couple) are going to be difficult. Double sigh.

I really wish I could convince DH (wow, that took a conscious effort to type DH instead of DF) that we should build a swim up bar in our backyard. Only problem is we don't have a pool. No problem mon.