Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tropical Style

Today's guest post is from Jennifer at A Home in the Making. I actually met Jennifer in graduate school in Boston, and she is one of my closest friends. Her style has always inspired me. Her personal style, her creativity and the projects she takes on, her ideas for decorating a house. Incredibly inspirational. So when I started thinking about who I could ask to guest blog while I honeymoon it up, Jennifer was a natural choice. With that, Jennifer:


I'll admit it right off the bat. I'm completely jealous of Becky. I would love to be in a tropical location this week.

Sun shining, margarita in hand, and my only worry being how long it's been since I've rolled over. But like most of you, I'm not in the tropics this week. So it got me thinking, wouldn't it be nice if life was a little more *tropical*?

Since a large part of my blog focuses on d├ęcor and inspiration, I’m going to give you some easy, quick and inexpensive ideas for bringing the tropics home and helping your house feel a little more Caribbean vacation-like.

First, grab a margarita. Obviously.

Second, try to stay away from tropical kitsch. Please.

You want to obtain a fun, tropical vacation feel. Not tourist-gone-awry feel. Just sayin.

So what can you add to your home to get the tropical vibe?

Pillows are the easiest, and one of my favorite, way to update your home – whether you make or buy them. How do you get that tropical vibe with pillows? Bright, fun colors, which are perfect this time of year anyway, are an instant way to add a little punch and fun update.

Lanterns set a fantastic ambiance. They instantly set a romantic, tropical mood. And who couldn't use more of that in their life?

Could not.be.easier. Go buy a few tropical plants and you’ll be instantly transported to the tropics.

Pull it all together, and you get tropical and relaxing.

Ah, perfection. Now I'm off to make a margarita. You have to start somewhere, right?

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