Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sole Sisters

Today's guest post is from Michele of PR Moonlighting. Michele and I met about 2 1/2 years ago. Though it seems like I've known her a lot longer than that. She is one of the few people who I can honestly say is a kindred spirit. And although she left me for our dream city a few short months after we met, we stay in touch the usual ways of the 21st century: through our blogs, Twitter and Facebook. She's more into baking than I am, so much so that she took a cake decorating class. But I love to drool over the photos of her cakes and cupcakes. Speaking of which, she has a cupcake business called Couture Cupcakes so check her out at her web site or Couture Cupcakes on Facebook and buy some cupcakes because they are really effin fantastic. Seriously. (She didn't ask me to say that. It's my honest to goodness opinion.) With that, Michele:


Michele here from PR Moonlighting. Becky was kind enough to ask me to fill in for a day while she's sunning herself in lovely Jamaica. Despite returning from the Caribbean a few weeks ago, I can't help but be a little envious.

I struggled thinking about what to write. I thought about sharing how Becky met John, but she's already done that. I thought about discussing how we met, but Becky's already covered that too. So, here are just a few more facts about why Becky and I totally hit it off.

Just to recap: We met at a
PRSA industry lunch. Typical conversation ensued, Becky mentioned she lived in Boston during her grad school years. Ironically, I was moving to Boston a few months later. It was fate that brought us together.


Becky and I both love shoes. But love doesn't quite capture it for us. No, it's more like a PASSION (or an addiction, similar to crack.) Our conversations usually revolve around shoes and sending pictures of our latest scores. And both of us don't think twice when we're plopping down a significant chunk of change to get that
perfect shoe for the perfect occasion. Becky and I are definitely sole sisters.

Guitar Hero

When we get together, we jam on the guitar. She's got all the good
GH games too - the ones on PS2 that you can't get with Xbox or Wii. She and I can play that for hours and it could be the closest we get to nerding out like our video-game loving SOs.


This is an easy one. It's what our friendship was founded on. A love of all things Boston: the
Red Sox, the Barking Crab, Newbury St., the Commons. You name it, if it comes from Boston, we love it. When Becky and John came to visit last summer, Becky showed me some of her old stomping grounds that were new to me. Just another thing to love about Boston.


It's not just that Becky and I connected, it's also that our SOs are practically twins. They share a love of all things
video game, BSG and Syfy Channel. I know that if I ever need to vent about video games, Becky feels my pain. :)

There are thousands of other reasons why Becky and I are friends, but those are a few. So, to my BFF4E, my Sister of Sole, congratulations! I love you both, and I couldn't be happier for you.

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