Monday, April 12, 2010


When DF is occupied with a video game (which is pretty much always), and I'm working on something else or watching TV, Cooper is not always getting the attention he so desires. I swear he thinks he's a four-legged prince.

When he thinks we should be paying attention to him - which according to him is always - he gets whiny. And then he'll take his revenge by walking to the couch by the garage door where I drop my purse every night and takes something out of it so he can chew on it.

He thinks he's being sneaky, but as long as I'm listening, I know better because I'm smarter than a dog, thank goodness. When he takes something from my purse, he trots. Which sounds differently on the floors than his usual walk. Click click click click are the sounds of his nails on the laminate wood floor.

A couple weeks ago, I was in our bedroom lying down and watching TV. DF was, naturally, on his computer. Cooper was in the room with me but after whining for several minutes and me continuing to ignore him because Momma needs 30 minutes to watch How I Met Your Mother dammit, he got up and walked to my purse.

He wasn't being incredibly sneaky this time as he brought the item back with him into our bedroom to chew on it. So I got up and took it from him (I think it was my wallet) and then laid back down. So out he goes again to his new toy chest, and we repeat the process. And again. And again. And again.

We danced this dance at least 7 times.

The little bastard knows how to get my attention. I'll give him that much.

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twononblondes said...

My dog does the same thing, but with the remote control. Now that is a smart dog.