Monday, April 5, 2010


I burped and said excuse me. He replied with "that's five wifey points."

It's become a regular conversation since then. Five hubby points for putting dishes away. 10 wifey points putting Cooper up at night. Five points here. Five points there.

We've never really said what we could redeem our hubby and wifey points for. Though we did say we had to wait until we were in fact a hubby and a wifey before we could.

In just over two weeks, I'll be able to turn in my wifey points for something yet to be determined (I think I'm going to push for a massage. Or a night that I don't have to clean the kitchen.) All this talk about wifey points got me to thinking, will being married be that different from now?

We've been living together for almost a year. We've merged our stuff together. We see each other every day. We wake up next to each other every morning and go to sleep after a kiss goodnight every night.

It would be easy to think that it won't be that different. But I actually think being married will be different.

Our relationship has definitely become more intimate in the last year just from the sharing of living space, but I think being married will be more of a mental change. Though we have physically merged our lives, I still think of my life as my own. After we're married, it will no longer be just me. It will be two of us.

It will be a mental shift. Slight. But I believe, yes, it will be different.

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twononblondes said...

I wouldn't call it complete crap ;) I am excited for you. Just make sure to put some limits on what he can redeem his points for.