Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ever since we moved into our house last June, we've had these plants in our back yard and along the back fence in the alley behind our house. Not being a botanist, I had no idea what they were. They were just green leaves, or fronds, or something, that most of the year looked really sad because they bent towards the ground.

I was beginning to wonder if they were like that year round.

Then a few weeks ago, I noticed they looked straighter and taller than they had been all year. And finally, just this week, they bloomed.

I'm still not impressed with them. But I won't let DF commit plantricide until after they're done blooming.

I mean I waited this frakkin long before we literally mow them down, a couple more weeks won't hurt.

Of course I'm also making him wait because once we mow them down we're going to have great big empty spots in our yard that will need something else in its place and I've got the opposite of a green thumb (would that be a red thumb? green middle finger?). I have grand dreams of beautiful gardens but have zero ideas for what to put in my garden and little motivation to keep it up.

I'll worry about it in May.


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I have the opposite of a green thumb as well. Every plant that comes in contact with me dies a long painful death. I can't help it so I don't even try. lol

Anonymous said...

I kill all outside plants I touch. Except weeds. Those flourish mightily. Sigh.