Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LOST S6ep13

Before we get to the episode, since I'm honeymooning it up next week and am leaving my laptop at home (GASP!), I will not be able to get my recap up immediately following the episode. Heck, I probably won't even get to see it. I don't know if I'll do a catch up post or not. So don't get your panties in a wad.


Island World
Jack is incredibly disturbed at MIB in John Locke's body. A secret meeting with Jack is requested by MIB/UnLocke/Smokey and he grudgingly goes with where Jack asks a question that has clearly been bothering him since the beginning. Was the Christian Jack saw way back right after they crash really Smokey?

Claire is spying on them because she wants a brotherly/sisterly chat with Jack.

Zoe stalks into camp demanding the return of Desmond and threatens to bomb their camp. Only MIB/UnLocke/Smokey is not phased and welcomes the start to the war and makes a big speech and talks to Sawyer about getting a boat and meeting him at a certain point. Jack sits back and observes all.

Sawyer pulls Jack aside and lets him in on his deal with Widmore and instructs him to grab Sun, Frank and Hurley and no one else. Jack is dubious about Sayid and Claire. Sawyer dismiss them as Sayid the Zombie and Claire the Nutjob. And Jack's face says but my new sister!

MIB/UnLocke/Smokey instructs Sayid to kill Desmond. So he goes to the well and admits that MIB/UnLocke/Smokey has promised to return Nadia to him if Sayid does his bidding. Desmond asks him what he'll tell her when she asks what he did to get her back.

Jacks pulls aside Sun, Frank and Hurley and runs off in another direction to meet up with Sawyer. Only Claire watches them and she does not look pleased, especially considering how she pulled a gun on all of them. Kate promises to take her back to Aaron and insists that the person she calls John is not John Locke. Claire gets on the boat with a warning: He finds out we're gone, he's going to be mad.

Jack gives Sawyer Locke's old party line: they're meant to do something on the Island and it doesn't feel right to leave it. Sawyer insists he get off the boat so he jumps overboard.

Jack washes up on the beach with MIB/UnLocke/Smokey and his gang and admits that Sawyer tooks MIB/UnLocke/Smokey's boat.

Sawyer and his gang wash up on Hydra Island and run into Zoe and her gang. Jin and Sun finally have their reunion. It was sweet. I guess. Sun got her English back and Jin makes a promise I think may be hard for him to keep: that they'll never be apart again.

Zoe orders them all on their knees and takes them hostage as they star blowing up MIB/UnLocke/Smokey's camp. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey saves Jack and reassures him that everything is going to be okay because Jack is with him now.

Flash Sideways
Ben and Locke are in an ambulance after Desmond hit Locke with his car. At the hospital they run into Jin and Sun who was shot in her gut the last we saw her.

Detective Hot Stuff Sawyer interrogates Kate and theorizes on the coincidence of them being on the same flight, meeting up in the elevator and then Kate crashing into his car. Miles pulls Sawyer away from their flirtation to fill him in on the kitchen scene with Jin, Sun and Sayid.

Claire on her way to an appointment with an adoption agency runs into Desmond still on his mission to make the Losties aware that they are in the wrong world. He convinces her to meet Ilana, a lawyer friend of his to help her with the adoption. The same Ilana who went BOOM last week. Apparently Ilana has been looking for Claire.

Sayid runs back to Nadia's to pack his bags but Miles shows up. So Sayid sneaks out the back only to trip over a garden hose Sawyer has stretched out.

Jack and his son David go to hear Christian's will being read at Ilana's office and is introduced to his little sister Claire. As he reels from the news that he has a sister, he gets a call from his hospital.

Sun comes out of her surgery fine and their baby is good too.

Jack operates on Locke.

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