Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LOST S6ep11

The Beginning
Desmond wakes up and demands to see Penny. Widmore says no can do. You're on the Island. It's not done with you yet. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Some test must be taken, but Widmore's team hasn't studied for it. Some guy whose name I missed gets fried with electromagnetism. They bring Desmond in - because he's the only one to have survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event (Hatch explosion - Season 2 finale), fire it up and Desmond looks to be in agony.

Flash Sideways
Desmond meets Claire at the baggage carousel, grabs her bag for her and predicts that she'll have a boy. Sign that reads Hume is being held by Minkowski (sp?) the doctor from the freighter who died bleeding out his orifices because he didn't have Penny as his constant. Desmond's in LA for business not pleasure thankyouverymuch. He don't need no stinking companionship. Turns out his business is with Charles, and Charles and Desmond are old buddies. Charles asks Desmond to pick up Charlie from jail so he can perform a concert with Charles' son (Daniel obvs).

Charlie walks right into traffic nearly getting killed to get to a bar across the street where he explains to Desmond how conscious-altering love looks. According to Charlie, it looks a lot like Claire. He claims to have seen this vision on the plane when he was choking on his drugs. He must be trying to get back to that because he jerked the wheel of the car so they'll crash in the bay Desmond happened to be driving by.

Charlie refuses to get out and puts his hand up to the window reminiscent of the Season 3 finale when he wrote on his hand Not Penny's Boat as his final message to Desmond. And Desmond flashes back with the rest of us. While all the other Flash Sideways seemed to have a bit of deja vu, this is the first one that was quite clear. Then as he's getting a MRI in the hospital his vision of Charlie and the Not Penny's Boat hand are a lot clearer and this time he also sees Penny. He tries to deny it at first but Charlie tells him to find Penny.

Charles is upset about Desmond losing Charlie and tells him he has to tell his wife, who it is implied will be most displeased by the news.

Desmond and Eloise make reacquaintances. She looks spooked to see him like she knows exactly who he is in every flash forward, back, sideways, diagonways, whateverways. He apologizes for not being able to produce Charlie for their concert, she forgives him and he starts on his way out until he catches the name Penny. When he demands to see the party invite list, Eloise refuses to let him see it and tell him why because according to her, he's not ready yet. She's vague on exactly what he needs to get ready for.

Daniel approaches Desmond as he's about to drive off and reveals that they need to talk. He too talks about seeing conscious-altering love, only he refers to it as love at first sight. His love, Charlotte naturally, was so conscious altering that it brought out his inner physicist that has been repressed his whole life by his music. He theorizes that he set off a nuclear bomb to change reality and it worked. They're not living the lives they were meant to.

Daniel then reveals to Desmond that Penny is his half-sister and offers him the information on when and where he can meet her. And when he does, it literally stops his world.

The End
Desmond readily agrees to help Charles with whatever his plans are. Charles has surprise face because he didn't think it would be so easy. As Desmond and Zoe are tromping through the jungle Sayid jumps out and snaps the necks of a couple of the guys with them. He orders Zoe to run off and then tries to convince Desmond that Widmore and his group are EE-VUL and that he should follow him. Desmond readily agrees.

Flash Sideways, Part Deux
Desmond wakes up from a faint and asks Penny to coffee. His face shows pure bliss as he climbs back into the limo. Minkoski asks if there's anything else he can get him. Desmond requests the manifest from Flight 815. Something about showing it to people.

  1. Did it appear to anyone else like Desmond could move back and forth between the Island life and LA life?
  2. I understand why he readily agreed to Charles' request. But why Sayid's? Because he felt it would be easier and keep him upright and alive? Maybe.
  3. What exactly is he going to be doing with that manifest?

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