Friday, April 2, 2010

Grey's Anatomy S6ep19

Season 6 and we finally get more information on Alex's past. Aaron, Alex's brother, gave us such a great peek at who Alex was before he came to Seattle Grace. Clues into why he was such an asshole for so many seasons. Sure there had been hints that his dad was not a nice guy and his mom had her own issues. But hearing how it affected him was different. And Bailey who normally stays out of everyone's business ate it up. Like us she was desperate to know what made Alex Alex.

I love to see these doctors make new relationships. And I don't mean the romantic ones. For some reason, I get more invested in the friendships that are built than the lovers. Arizona and Teddy in the elevator were so much fun giggling over Mark and how his legendary status is well earned.

How awkward Cristina must have felt getting advice on how to best support Owen from the woman she knew was still in love with him.

April is in love with Derek. It's understandable. He's in a position of authority and power. And he rescued her by giving her job back to her and showing faith in her ability as a doctor when she struggled to find her confidence again. That is an easy set up for infatuation if I've ever seen one. Though that's not going to keep April from making some serious enemies.

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